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brrt \o 07:47
uhm, i have two more questions regarding my hague-grant-application 07:49
one: suppose my requested amount exceeds what is available, that doesn't mean automatic denial, right? 07:50
two: if i ask considerable less than the nominal maximum (which i've seen no-one do in earlier hague grants), does that come off like i don't know what i'm doing? 07:51
i feel like it might
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nwc10 brrt: I assume that it doesn't mean "automatic denial" because there are other funds. But if so, it would need the TPF board to decide to allocate them 08:33
brrt ok, right.
nwc10 (if it excedes all of TPF's unassigned money, you are straight out of luck)
brrt well, the thing is this
nwc10 I don't know, and you may not want to say this on a logged channel 08:34
brrt i can live with less than the total nominal amount. i did just fine with that last year
nwc10 you are, however, a student currently, and I assume making student-like trade offs with your cost of living
I hope you're not planning to be a student forever :-)( 08:36
I really should give up today
there's something massively wrong with my typing 08:37
nwc10 goes to the coffee machine
brrt i will probably be a student only for this and the next academic year
and next academic year will be spent writing theses :-) 08:42
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brrt btw, i did finally figure out how to deal with jit-to-jit calls 09:12
the inter-jit calls can be very funky
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timotimo funky 12:49
so ... i was wondering
do we perhaps need some mechanism that waits with speshing frames that refer to other frames so that we have maximum chance of inlining? 12:50
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brrt \o 16:33
if you're going to do that, why not go all the way to tracing
timotimo hmm, right 16:34
we've already got that planned anyway
brrt :-) 16:36
many plans
timotimo indeed 16:37
many exciting things on the horizon
jnthn Drive by comment (heading to dinner very soon), but... 16:39
We already 1) have small frames (those that are small enough to inline) have the lowest threshold, and 2) we spesh as we return down the call stack, meaning that we'll often have hit the callee and specialized it prior to specializing the inliner. 16:40
That's why it hangs off exit
timotimo oh, that's a neat trick 16:41
i hadn't realized that
very cool :)
jnthn yes, I was happy when I came up with that
timotimo and now i'm happy, too 16:42
have a nice dinner! :)
jnthn Thanks! 16:48
I did hack up a patch in a spare disconnected moment, but it still need spectest...and ERAVENOUS, so later or tomorrow :) 16:49
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timotimo and there's also still lots of multithreading/asynchrony stability things to find 17:04
like searching for easter eggs
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[Coke] ... easter eggs. I am going to eat sooo many boiled eggs this weekend... 18:07
nwc10 I expect I'm going to eat quite a few yolks. E only really likes the whites 18:08
TimToady is only allowed to eat the yolks 18:19
TimToady is also supposedly allergic to the yolks according to the skin test, but doesn't seem to be so when eating them 18:26
[Coke] well, there is a difference between eating them and rolling in them. :) 18:36
TimToady has never rolled in egg batter, to his knowledge 18:37
FROGGS ... yet
masak I would advise not doing that if the skin test triggers on it 18:38
TimToady unlikely to be a problem, since the epidermis is largely impermeable to proteins without mechanical assistance 18:40
and none of my allergies are terribly sensitive 18:41
masak well, go ahead then. roll in egg batter. don't say I didn't warn you. 19:01
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japhb Would rolling the eggs between your skin and the floor be a form of mechanical assistance? 21:14
[Coke] not for very long 21:15
TimToady at least the yolk would not be on me 21:18
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