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brrt MoarVM *almost* builds with gcc on windows 09:22
but not quite :-(
dyncall issues
timotimo so try libffi instead? 09:43
nebuchadnezzar o/
timotimo heyo 09:44
jnthn o/ 09:45
nebuchadnezzar time to start having nqp up to date in Debian 09:48
timotimo oh, cool :) 09:49
jnthn \o/ 09:50
FROGGS brrt: it builds without problems using gcc on my Windows 7 11:48
timotimo: you'd probably need libffi prebuild dlls
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brrt fwiw: gcc 4.9.2 on windows 10 enterprise 13:19
(evaluation license ;-))
gcc supplied by strawberry perl :-) 13:20
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nwc10 jnthn: in github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/commit/d4ac6afa75 why use MVMint64 for a 1 bit flag? 19:11
I think that's somewhat less than awesomely efficient on some 32 bit platforms.
jnthn Depends how smart the C compiler in question is I guess... 19:12
nwc10 the ABI may force thigns
jnthn True 19:13
nwc10 I don't actually happen to have anythign to hand to confirm/deny this assumption
but I *think* that on a 32 bit system, the caller will have to write two 32 bit words
because the caller has no idea that the callee only cares for 1 bit of 1 of them.
"write two 32 bit words" is probably actually "assign to 2 registers" 19:14
jnthn I guess the situation on 64-bit isn't pessimized by making it an MVMint32
nwc10 that would be my hunch
jnthn Given this code is called once per GC run, I'm not sure we stand to lose much in this case :) 19:15
nwc10 it was more a "eh, why is it that way?" question
agree, we've burned more time in this converstation that likely will ever be saved by fixing it 19:16
across all MoarVM ever. Or at least "this year"
jnthn It's that way 'cus I'd just spent a bunch of time hunting a GC race condition, and didn't consider this relatively minor detail...
nwc10 oh, and I comment on the bike shed sized commit? 19:17
Not the nuclear reactor?
(which is far more likely to go boom)
so boom | much messy | wah :-(
jnthn Well, the patch fixes the race 19:18
One of those where the time to work out what needing fixing took a lot longer than fixing it. 19:20
dalek arVM: c40e8a7 | jnthn++ | src/gc/collect. (2 files):
32 bits will be sufficient for this flag; nwc10++.
jnthn Now, if you can find one of those on a hot-path... :)
nwc10 then you will buy me a beer*? [* offer only valid in Köln :-)] 19:31
[for the local beer. In the correct glass] 19:32
Oh my. There is such a thing as a Doppelmaß. I didn't know this. 19:34
jnthn A...what???! 19:40
Either my Germany is rusty of that's a LOT of beer...
timotimo it's probably a lot of beer
nwc10: is it more than a Stiefel?
jnthn Heh, funny to call my German rusty, I never learned the language. :P
I can just order beer, be polite to train conductors, and know some bad words used in Rammstein songs I listened to as a teenager :P 19:41
nwc10 I don't know what a Stiefel is, in this context.
The source was en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austrian_cuisine#Beer -- ... two litre Doppelmaß in the Bavarian style 19:42
jnthn Maybe it's named so 'cus if you drink all of it, it'll stiefel your productivity...
timotimo hahaha 19:44
it's an actual boot-shaped glass
nwc10 oh, Stiefel. Yes. I should know that word
timotimo :)
well, yeah, except the stiefel you'll drink the beer out of isn't a gummistiefel 19:45
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