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dalek arVM/even-moar-jit: 44b9a55 | brrt++ | 3rdparty/dynasm:
Update dynasm to bugfixed version
arVM/even-moar-jit: 183e63a | brrt++ | src/jit/core.expr:
Add getf and setf expression macros

Names are shamelessly taken from LISP. Doesn't seem to introduce new errors, which is something at least. Simplifies many templates tremendously.
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nwc10 jnthn: IIRC you said that one of the advantages of updating the bytecode to be able to store literal strings as either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1, was that for the latter one knows it has to be NFG already, so no need to process it 20:50
that's no longer true now is it, for any string containing "\r\n" ? 20:51
if so, would the simplest fix be for the serialiser to always serialise strings containing \r\n as UTF-8, so that they go through the NFG input routines, even if the string is in the ISO-8859-1 range
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