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dalek arVM/backlog: 3155720 | (Jimmy Zhuo)++ | / (9 files):
expose the backlog arg for listen
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JimmyZ tokuhirom_h: ^^ 05:36
tokuhirom_h awesome! 07:08
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brrt good * 11:37
who can help me find motivation for the latest JIT bug 11:39
i only ever seem to make things worse :-( 11:44
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lizmat brrt o/ 11:52
brrt \o lizmat
lizmat we still have MoarVM tuits, we could send you some 11:53
brrt :-)
well, yeah
how good are you with debugging :-P 11:54
i'm .. fairly sure i'm just missing something in a systematic way
lizmat if you have a gist I could look at ?
I'd be willing to have a look, and others maybe as well ? 11:55
brrt that's the thing. then i'd have to bring it down into a small bite-size thing
i don't know how to do that yet
lizmat and/or try to explain the problem in a gist, maybe that in itself will be helpful ?
brrt well, maybe it'll help just to write it down
lizmat my point exactly :-) 11:56
get some distance between you and the bug :-)
brrt will do 11:58
there's also this thing about my thesis that's brinigng me down a bit 11:59
long story short, i promised too many things to too many people. and i'm not sure it works out
lizmat learning to say no is part of growing up :-)
brrt hmm... yes 12:00
it's encouraging that you say that
lizmat :-) 12:01
if that means saying no to MoarVM work, then so be it: your thesis is more important! 12:02
OTOH if you need work on MoarVM to do something different for a change, you're also very welcome to that :)
but you already knew that, right ? 12:03
brrt i suppose so :-) 12:05
yeah, well, it's within my thesis that i promised too much things to too many people
who each want some inconsistent differnet thing
it's moarvm that is the fun bit :-)
gist.github.com/bdw/f38e10d88f1967b6e67a 12:13
lizmat ^
reading that, i kind of know what to do 12:14
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lizmat :-) 12:14
brrt but it pushes back the date of merging even-moar-jit back further still
lizmat brrt: I think we can handle delays, we're pretty good at it :-) 12:24
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brrt :-) well, that is true 12:50
brrt afk
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nwc10 jnthn: please could you take a look at gitlab.com/nwc10/MoarVM/tree/shrin...and-stable before rebootstrapping? 20:33
retupmoca are there any known jitbugs? 20:36
I'm on moar master, and have a piece of code throwing (incorrectly) "Default constructor only takes named arguments", but when I run it with MVM_JIT_DISABLE, it works correctly 20:37
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retupmoca it happened after adding code to other parts of the system, and it throws the first time I hit that codepath, so something inside the compiler jitting incorrectly? 20:38
see github.com/retupmoca/egeler.us/blo...te.pm6#L19 (running that by itself works fine, so I'm not sure how to go about golfing this) 20:39
nwc10 I'm awake (but not for long) but sorry, I can't offer any help on this one 20:43
lizmat perhaps brrt can be of help, but he doesn't appear to be online atm 20:44
retupmoca unfortunately the JIT is a little beyond my current debugging skills :) 20:48
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