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rjbs moarvm seems to use -mt as a cc switch on Solaris, even when using gcc 02:22
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rjbs It's in the ccmiscflags in nqp/MoarVM/build/setup.pm 02:25
I don't know how to make it depend on cc, but I reckon somebody does. That is all. :-/
diakopter rjbs: hunh 03:14
rjbs I did get rakudo built on illumos with gcc, though. Only test that failed was native call. 03:16
diakopter which ones? (all?)
rjbs t/04-nativecall/11-cpp.t (Wstat: 65280 Tests: 16 Failed: 0)
diakopter ah, same one that fails for me on windows 03:17
er. mac.
rjbs: do you dare try spectest?
rjbs I'm not on that host anymore, let me see if that workspace still exists. 03:18
It does, running.
diakopter restart with TEST_JOBS=CORESPLUS1 or something
it's a lot faster
rjbs k! 03:19
diakopter I mean, an actualy number there
rjbs yeah
I'm running 9. Will let you know when it says anything useful.
well, when I notice it do; I'm also writing some other very exciting billing code
diakopter people need their bills
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rjbs Files=1085, Tests=50349, 654 wallclock secs (16.39 usr 9.32 sys + 2200.27 cusr 480.14 csys = 2706.13 CPU) 03:48
Result: FAIL
good night! -- gist.github.com/afe2ff3639e36d3f7ab2 03:50
diakopter yeesh 03:51
that's quite the smattering
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brrt timotimo: maybe continue here 10:49
you hadn't merged it yet?
timotimo right, it seems like i haven't! 10:50
it seems to be on my laptop
i thought i put it onto my desktop, too
brrt i'll review it if you want
JimmyZ \o brrt++ # new post
brrt thanks JimmyZ :-)
i've... also made some progress at the implied cost problem 10:51
in that i can reorder the tiler table to calculate them
only i can do it now just for the 'first order'
i.e. i can take into account the (load reg) in the (add reg reg) candidate for the (add reg (load reg)) tree; but not further
my running example is (nz (and (load (addr reg)) (const))) 10:52
dalek arVM/no_atomic_if_single_threaded: c044b2a | timotimo++ | src/core/frame.c:
WIP cheaper access to ref counts if only 1 thread exists.

currently causes livelocks on multi-threaded situations
brrt timotimo, correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought locking in a single-thread case wasn't so costly? 10:53
timotimo it is only not costly if you throw out the explicit lock instructions 10:54
every instance of sp_deref_get_i64 is currently preceded by a getlex and then a sp_guardrwconc 11:01
so the exprjit probably aborts before that
huh, spec tests aren't clean 11:03
holy fuck, t/spec/S06-operator-overloading/sub.rakudo.moar compiles SLOW 11:04
brrt are they clean relative to master?
timotimo must be that NFA optimization thing
i have to check
brrt yes, yes, i can compile getlex in the expr jit, if you really want it :-P
just hasn't been a priority up until now
jnthn o/ #moarvm 11:05
timotimo well, if it doesn't compile the guard op, it's not enough ;)
and that contains a branch, doesn't it?
yo jn 11:07
jnthn Typing skills. YOu has them. :P 11:08
hah :)
timotimo unintentional autopun?
brrt yes, the guard can't be compiled just yet 11:10
and that's not a very high priority so far
(you may notice my list of priorities is rather long...) 11:11
good * jnthn
timotimo hah :)
i understand why your priority list looks like that, though
jnthn No, laptop keyboard, which I ain't used for two months 11:12
timotimo makes sense
jnthn And I type on a natural/split keyboard at home, so this feels...unnatural :)
timotimo did you get the results of my little bit of utf8-c8 prodding? 11:13
jnthn "Initializing the thingy to -1 helps, but doesn't fix everything" or so? 11:14
timotimo yeah 11:15
and "the segv comes from the loop running without bounds, because the ++pos < other_pos never stops being true 11:16
or something
brrt: the spec tests are just one test more broken than on master, but that test file runs cleanly when i run it on its own ... 11:18
brrt hmmmm 12:10
that's no proof it's correct though
(i'll finally look at it now()
timotimo :) 12:11
brrt looks fairly sane... although i do have a question 12:12
why not simply do two sp_get_i64, with the intermediary result being an integer 12:13
or is that overly evil
timotimo yes, that is very evil.
brrt well, that's just me 12:14
timotimo hum. a loop with nothing to do but $a++ doesn't benefit :\ 12:15
brrt fwiw, i think you're right, we don't want to tell people to use nqp to get performance
also, i know actually not that much of performance
timotimo but i can put the thing into a sub and use $a = $a + 1 to not have the invocation overhead 12:16
but still get the "is rw" thing
diakopter well, I swapped out uthash for tommyds, but no core setting compilation improvement at first glance 12:20
jnthn: I guess you saw rjbs' spectest gist above 12:21
brrt still good to try diakopter :-) 12:25
tommyds also has other interesting data structures 12:26
diakopter the one I tried was hashlin
I guess I could try another one of them
brrt yeah, sure 12:27
brrt wonders if the little dynamic array thingy is useful enough to merge into master
jnthn diakopter: Yes, noticed it 12:37
brrt timotimo: looks quite sane to me 12:39
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brrt actually, the performance benchmarks of tommyds are quite remarkable, considering that the implementation seems.. quite normal 13:48
diakopter yeah, but they may be a little too randomized 13:50
nine brrt: just read your most recent blog post. Glad you're making progress :) 13:55
brrt thanks :-) 13:57
i'm nearing the phase in which i can usefully say, 'here's this heap of work you can do, and i can help you do it' 13:58
jnthn :) 14:00
jnthn may join in with that in the new year :)
brrt that would be very welcome :-) 14:01
i have a nqp todo passing, is that an error?
in t/qregex 14:02
jnthn No, I saw that too, but couldn't work out when it popped up 14:03
And wanted to make sure it wasn't a regression
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brrt hmmm 14:06
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timotimo with the deref_get ops, perl6 -e 'my int $a = 0; sub do-loop(int $a is rw) { while $a < 500_000_000 { $a = $a + 1 } }; do-loop($a)' gets about 6x slower :\ 14:20
and i don't know why
but i gota be AFK for lots of driving soon
brrt hmm,m that is weird 14:21
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dalek arVM/even-moar-jit: bb79f5d | brrt++ | src/jit/ (3 files):
Implement getlex and bindlex for expr JIT

Compute address for lexical registers using a loop that loads the outer frame. Does not yet work for object getlex, which is unfortunately the majority of getlexes.
brrt i think i should have a append_template_during_traversal function or something like that 15:18
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dalek arVM: 6e4b90f | FROGGS++ | src/core/nativecall (3 files):
handle "is rw" pointers in native routines
timotimo i'm back at the computer, so i'll be able to have a closer look at the deref problem again 20:51
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diakopter timotimo: welcome back To The Computer 21:39
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timotimo holy smokes 21:41
'my int $n = 0; sub do-loop(int $n is rw) { while $n < 500_000_000 { $n = $n +1; } }; do-loop($n)'
^- 14305 gc runs
diakopter awesome
timotimo the allocations tab doesn't show a single one of 'em
"of the allocations that cause this BS" 21:42
jnthn That's why $native-int++ isn't fast yet
It allocates 500 million references there 21:43
Once the inliner gets to that stuff, it'll be able to allocate zero of them
timotimo this isn't using ++ though :)
diakopter .karma $native-int
jnthn Oh...the call to do-loop is outside the loop 21:44
timotimo yup
it's because i want to have an "is rw" thing involved
timotimo grabs the speshlog
at first i thought "oh lord, it's not getting jitted at all!" but that was just because do-loop does OSR and the overview page only shows a single frame jitted out of 4 21:45
gist.github.com/timo/d9ba0cde4833cbddaba2 - go wild if you'd like 21:47
the only thing i could imagine allocates there would be getlex?
diakopter timotimo: wait, how long does that snippet take to run for you
timotimo 100s 21:48
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diakopter why does camelia run the 50_000_000 version in 1s 21:49
timotimo because it doesn't have the patches that were meant to make stuff like this faster
diakopter o_O
timotimo yeah. my face looked like that when i found out, too. 21:50
diakopter faster than 1s for 50M iterations?
m: my int $n = 0; sub do-loop(int $n is rw) { while $n < 50_000_000 { $n = $n +1; } }; do-loop($n); say now - BEGIN now 21:51
camelia rakudo-moar 2b5c41: OUTPUT«1.137019␤»
timotimo yeah, wy not?
diakopter I guess I don't see how jitting more operations could make a 800% pessimization
timotimo the other version doesn't GC at all, i think
didn't --profile it yet
diakopter ohhh what prevents it GCing 21:52
what other optimizations are disabled by jitting
timotimo gist.github.com/timo/d9ba0cde4833cbddaba2 t has a speshlog of the faster run up top 21:53
okay, the only differences i see: guard_rwconc and the _deref_ ops 21:55
um, no. not aha. 21:56
guardrwcont runs a fetch on the thing
diakopter so.. need to jit those?
timotimo it gets jitted 21:57
but perhaps the fetch causes an allocation because we don't know better?
thing is: the optimization of decont_i and assign_i through the REPR will get_and_use_facts, which includes "is an rw container" 21:58
that causes the guardrwconc to appear in the output instead of being thrown out
diakopter what's the purpose of guardrwconc 21:59
a lock?
timotimo no
diakopter what is conc
timotimo it assures something is a read-writable container that contains a concrete value
diakopter oh 22:00
timotimo aha
my implementation of guardrwconc in the jit is bogus
diakopter oh
timotimo um. no, it's not
it's a 1:1 translation of the C in the interpreter
if (check && IS_CONCRETE(check) && STABLE(check) == want_c) {
MVMContainerSpec const *contspec = STABLE(check)->container_spec;
if (contspec->can_store(tc, check)) {
MVMRegister r;
contspec->fetch(tc, check, &r);
if (r.o && IS_CONCRETE(r.o) && STABLE(r.o) == want_v)
ok = 1;
} 22:01
see the fetch in there? we create an object there.
diakopter what kind of object
timotimo whatever's in that container
jnthn: how can we get around this problem?
normally a container will just ->fetch by returning a reference to an object 22:02
but native refs don't contain objects, they contain native values
so they have to box the native value
just so we can then check "was it an Int in there?"
diakopter sounds like the ops could be combined
timotimo "the ops"? 22:03
diakopter if you make the check part of the container spec function set
(in addition to fetch) 22:04
jnthn timotimo: Perhaps we need guards for is native rw
diakopter hey, that's what I said
timotimo jnthn: right, and then instead of want_v checking against an STABLE, it'd check against the INT_BP
i forget what those are called
jnthn I don't know you'd have to care 22:05
timotimo but i have to go sleep soon and get up super early in the morning
jnthn In fact
The type of the native is encoded as part of the container type for native containers, iirc
timotimo hm, probably don't have to care, because code-gen already encoded that info in the code
that's true, too. it's in the STABLE
jnthn So you might be able to just use a normal guard.
Rather than a container one
Though please document in the code why that's OK :)
timotimo that'd go into args.c or something, right? 22:06
it'd have to throw out the "is rw container" fact, otherwise we'd still be emitting the guard; so would we want another flag for that?
hold on ... i think this actually comes from logging information, because it goes through a lexical 22:07
jnthn Maybe...needs some thinking :)
And I'm tired :)
timotimo me tired, too 22:08
good night!
.o( and why is our optimizer emitting a lexical there in the first place? because nobody made lexref-to-localref work yet ... that nobody is me :/ )
jnthn sleep well 22:09
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diakopter anyone seen this.. www.oracle.com/technetwork/oracle-l...index.html 23:26
ilmari gcc 5.2/glibc 2.19 seems to require _GNU_SOURCE to be defined to provide a definition for pthread_yield 23:59