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dalek arVM: 7e4711a | timotimo++ | tools/graph_spesh.p6:
add missing "flat" to graph_spesh to fix output
arVM: 9686530 | timotimo++ | tools/graph_spesh.p6:
give a Str to "use lib" instead of an IO::Path.
arVM: b3b4e41 | timotimo++ | tools/graph_spesh.p6:
lines() :eager is no longer a thing.
flussence .tell brrt libuv-1.8 branch builds and spectests all clear here, except advent2013-day14 but that was already flapping 03:22
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dalek arVM: a3fba3d | timotimo++ | tools/graph_spesh.p6:
understand coderefs
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timotimo cool 14:57
dalek arVM: 651a1b2 | timotimo++ | tools/graph_spesh.p6:
also recognize callsites
timotimo so i'm wondering how a "heap explorer" would function 15:19
it'd be easy enough to write something that walks the nursery and gen2 and collects a whole bunch of stats, that's for sure
what would a user expect to do with such a tool? 15:22
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timotimo hmm. the visualvm heap explorer lets you get a list of all instances for a given class, see all its fields and also find a "nearest GC root" 15:59
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timotimo i wonder if i should let users give an environment variable to choose the type of profile to generate and implement a memory profiler that gives more detailed statistics about allocations and GC runs, but doesn't do the call graph ... or something like that 16:57
adding more details to the GC page would be kind of nice, but the profile json blobs are usually already too big in many cases 16:58
flussence I'm looking at bugs.gentoo.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=moarvm -- most of them are long since fixed on this site, but 504720 isn't 17:33
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