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rarara Where can I find docs about the IO abstraction interface in MoarVM ? 09:24
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jnthn rarara: Best place to start reading is src/io/io.h 09:51
rarara: Though we delegate to libuv for most stuff 09:52
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rarara jnthn: ok, but you don't just expose the libuv API. I am trying to cook a fix for this rt.perl.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=127423 10:06
I guess that the problem is that it does not recognize the fact that those are not files 10:09
MVM_io_syncstream_eof is the function which has to be called instead of MVM_eof , right? 10:16
altough I think (but this is just my own opinion) that do syscalls in non-obvious places (the seek in eof check) is wrong 10:18
jnthn rarara: tbh, I was dubious about that too
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AmsterdamJoe Is Bart Wiegmans in the room? I missed your talk at fosdem yesterday because i got mugged and beat-up about 12hr before hand 1/2 block from the campus 12:07
nwc10 AmsterdamJoe: he's on IRC as "brrt" and not here currently
jnthn AmsterdamJoe: Ouch, that sounds painful. And...yes, what nwc10 said. He's here quite often.
nwc10 and that sounds pretty shit - sorry to hear that (and that sounds a bit lame from me, but I'm not sure what better thing I can say) 12:08
jnthn Indeed :(
AmsterdamJoe thanks, ill ask brrt for the slides 12:09
it was just ouch, not really aaAAAHHHHGG! because there was not alot of blood from me but it hurtss 12:10
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