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timotimo i'm considering adding a "add a list of $n sequential pointers to a worklist" for the case where MVMArray has a big amount of objects/strings in its list 15:12
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dalek arVM/gc_worklist_add_vector: a9d2a75 | timotimo++ | src/ (3 files):
use tighter look for marking lots of array slots
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timotimo helps to actually copy the code correctly, not just a signle line out of it 20:06
OK, i'm dramatically overestimating the number of items that are actually going to go into the worklist 20:18
"items went from 0 to 46172 for 9982741 count (should be 9982741)"
total memory corruption :| 22:43
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dalek arVM/gc_worklist_add_vector: 217b0ff | timotimo++ | src/ (2 files):
fixes for the add_vector method of the worklist
arVM/gc_worklist_add_vector: 68238b6 | timotimo++ | src/ (3 files):
get rid of offset, bring "should have gen2" out of loop, batch to 1024
timotimo it's not faster at all 23:10
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