konobi jnthn: backtrace.io might also be fun for automation 01:36
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jnthn konobi: On COW in GCs, I'm pretty sure I recall reading about an ML implementation that moved objects upon mutation, since mutation is rare in ML. 08:12
nwc10 jnthn: please consider spoiling the nice triangular numbers on act.yapc.eu/alpineperl2016/stats 08:25
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brrt hi #moarvm... turned out i also needed a pre-invokish for the extops, probably 08:48
let's check in how far that really works
(currently building CORE.setting... anxiety rises)
:-( 08:49
that's not enough
dalek arVM/reframe-jit: f78f1e8 | brrt++ | src/jit/graph.c:
extops require a new pre-throwish too

This doesn't actually solve any of the crashes. But is will certainly be necessary.
brrt i have no idea where the CORE.setting crash is coming from :-( 09:03
well, i know it a bit... but i don't know why it happens 09:07
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timotimo yesterday i put in a few lines of code to put the "recalculate dominators" between the first and second pass. now we're crashing pretty hard inside the two-finger intersection, because a bb that only has succs, but no prevs (or something like that) has an uninitialized value that we're just taking as the index into the rpo and boom 21:17
i need better debug output
jnthn I think I tired to quickly do that once, and it didn't work out so well for me either :) 21:23
Then other stuff was more pressing :)
timotimo quite 21:24
the cat is aggressively asking for cuddles 21:25
the way cats tell you you are still wanted in their life is kind of nice 21:26
jnthn cats++ 21:27
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timotimo ... a bb with the same other bb in its dominance children list twice 23:35