samcv m: "\c[ARABIC NUMBER SIGN]".uniprop('graphemeclusterbreak').say 00:04
camelia rakudo-moar 87fefa: OUTPUT«Prepend␤»
samcv m: "\c[ARABIC NUMBER SIGN]".uniprop('NFG_QC').say
camelia rakudo-moar 87fefa: OUTPUT«Y␤»
samcv oh. that is not right
oh i guess you had grapheme cluster break extend already but not the other ones 00:50
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samcv jnthn, this will probably be faster once i'm done with this, though don't know it's probably pretty fast already. but more optimized 01:53
switches and things
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[Coke] samcv++ 02:56
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samcv can't seem to nail down Prepend though… 04:04
for some reason it's failing those tests (we were failing them before), but i tried using both grapheme cluster break == Extend or bool MVM_UNICODE_PROPERTY_PREPENDED_CONCATENATION_MARK 04:05
and i get the right property when i query those two in perl6 04:06
[Coke], or jnthn how can i get moarvm to print stuff to console. how do I debug this? 04:07
oh wait. i think
maybe NFG_QC isn't set
yeah it's not set :P
\o/ we're gonna pass 99% of the grapheme tests after that gets working 04:08
and all but the emoji ones where you have to compare 3 characters, so will work in most cases and count the correct number 04:09
exciting 04:11
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samcv err wait no yeah, nfg-qc was set to no already 04:16
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samcv jnthn, PR :) 06:56
passes tests
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