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brrt morning moarvm 06:49
lizmat brrt o/
brrt \o lizmat
i need some efficient way to represent sets... 06:54
in C, that is :-) 06:55
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lizmat sets of what ? 06:58
brrt sets of live ranges (well, indexes-into-an-array-of-live-ranges, really) 06:59
lizmat monotonically increasing integer values ? 07:00
brrt … yes
but not necessarily within a single set
and i need the operations: add, remove, merge 07:01
i could be using linked lists, i guess 07:02
lizmat what is most important to you: CPU or memory ?
brrt CPU, usually 07:04
lizmat ok, that rules out any encoding such as with MIDI :-)
brrt MIDI as in the sound files? 07:05
lizmat yeah, they have a nice way of encoding data :-) 07:06
but forget about it :-)
so how often do you add/remove/merge ? 07:07
I mean, all the time, or just every now and then ? 07:08
brrt merge is every basic block; add is every use, remove is every definition, so 'all the time'
lizmat if a lot, I guess linked lists would be an option, as they can easily merge (if I understand you right)
brrt uhuh
oh, i have another requirement 07:09
the merge needs to be nondestructive
but, i think i have an answer 07:11
i'm going to keep a few sorted arrays
one for the original set, one for the removals, one for the additions 07:12
actually, the removals and additions can be binary heap 07:13
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samcv efficient with memory or with cpu or both 07:32
or efficeient for the programmer ;) heh
heh sorry looks like you mention that there too. reading :)
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brrt was riding the ICE just now. it was very, very nice 07:46
jnthn ICE++ 08:54
Which model of ICE, though? :-) 08:55
samcv ICE? 09:04
brrt ehm, the one riding between frankfurt and germany 09:09
i have no idea
it was shiny, and quiet
d'oh, frankfurt-amsterdam, i mean 09:10
jnthn Heh, I was gonna say, did Frankfurt secede... :P
Think I've been some of the way on that route at some points in the past 09:11
I remember we had to change ICE at some point around the NL/DE border because our ICE broke :)
But that aside, I have memories of it being comfortable :) 09:12
There's also a diesel ICE
Those are a bit less quiet but still not bad
brrt i think it was ICE-3
jnthn Yeah, likely :) 09:13
brrt not ICE-4, and ICE-T is not riding in NL
jnthn Ah, thinking about it, it was probably Brussels - DE where I had the busted train :)
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brrt so thinking a bit about complexity; just adding stuff to an array and sorting it afterwards could well be as cheap as keeping it sorted throughout 10:53
lizmat brrt: I had an interesting bit of that trying to faster .WHICH representations of sets 10:54
turned out that, even written in pure nqp, there was no way I could beat the mergesort logic :-( 10:55
even if I know I couldn't get any duplicates, so I didn't need to make it stable
brrt mergesort++ 10:57
timotimo mergesort sorts some good merges
brrt it is one of my favorite algorithms, so mechanical, yet so efficient
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brrt hmm, i know removals are never duplicated 10:59
because the IR is in SSA form
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brrt this is good - this is my obsesion with precomputing sizes again - because it means that we have an upper bound on the size of the live range in 11:55
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buggable ???????????? It's time for the monthlyAccidental /win Lottery ???????????? We have ballots submitted by users! And the winner is... 17:45
Zoffix disregard :) 17:48
geekosaur buggabley 17:50
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timotimo Zoffix: damn! i wanted to implement that! 17:58
though i wasn't actually going to do it just yet
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Zoffix timotimo: too slow :P 18:14
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samcv hello 20:45
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Zoffix Yeah, instead of $.irc.send: :$text I typed $.irc.send: :text 21:12
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