buggable ???????????? It's time for the monthly Accidental /win Lottery ???????????? We have 4 ballots submitted by 3 users! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!... 00:00
And the winning number is 28! Congratulations to jnthn! You win a roll of duck tape!
samcv yay! 00:02
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timotimo i'm still not quite sure why this channel has irc colors and format codes disabled 06:37
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samcv no fun allowed :( 13:51
jnthn I don't think it was a deliberate choice :) 13:52
mst it's a fairly standard setting 13:55
mostly because IRC colours are obnoxious
jnthn m: say 2 2 13:56
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> say 2⏏ 2
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
jnthn Getting the colored output there can be nice, though :)
mst I'd offer to change it but first we're going to have to track down diakopter and hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper 13:57
since he registered this channel and then never gave anybody access to it
samcv i always have so many untracked files so i made a script to reverse the order of git status a.uguu.se/ZvwRA8KNvQcA_Screenshot_...065638.png 13:58
left is normal. right is piped through my script
so the stuff i care about is always at the bottom
jnthn o.O
samcv also yes i need to clean it up 13:59
jnthn I tend to just stick things in .git/info/exclude
(Like a local .gitignore)
samcv still though
it's nice to always get it at the bottom
even if there's only 5 thnigs
jnthn True :)
mst argh 14:02
that's really cute but the colours make my eyes hurt 14:03
samcv what does? 14:08
mst your screenshot, the green/red
I have all that disabled in my terminals
samcv ah
yeah i don't like the red
though i do have syntax highlighting 14:09
mst www.trout.me.uk/synhi.jpg
samcv cry.nu/files/konsole.webm
also it underlines folders that actually exist which is nice when typing
video shows 14:10
also the >>> chevrons reverse direction when i enter vicmd mode which is neat 14:12
the video is not the smoothest thing ever but in person there's no lag from having the highlighting at all suprisingly
mst yeah, not looking, syntax hilighting fairly reliably gives me a headache 14:18
samcv though you could turn off the color and only enable the part that underlines the directories. tbh that's the most useful part of it 14:19
so if you start typing something that doesn't exist you get immediate feedback
what do you guys use for email? 14:21
mst how's the underlining set up?
samcv what do you mean? did you see the video?
it's half way in
mst no, I didn't, because you told me it was full of colours and stuff and I don't want to have to take painkillers
samcv ah
well directories are underlined while typing. and as soon as you type something not a directory it is not underlined anymore 14:22
there's no lag or whatever, as soon as you type the letter you just type out and the directory all of it is underlined (or file)
if you mistype a letter then it will cease to be underlined 14:23
the entire series of text that is. in which case i backspace and type the correct letter or whatever
mst, i made one with very little colors cry.nu/files/konsole-typing2.webm 14:45
mst neat, how's the shell configured? 14:46
samcv i'm using zprezto for the zsh framework which is pretty nice but all you need for the highlighting is this github.com/zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting 14:47
and there's several highlighting modules you *can* enable. this just needs the 'main' one not the others
mst this almost tempts me to try zsh
samcv which i guess is the default one
this is the zsh framework i use github.com/sorin-ionescu/prezto it's my favorite because it's not slow or bloated and badly programmed like many of the others 14:48
and you might hate it but i also have one enabled which shows a ghost of previously typed commands a.uguu.se/WAILqK4YnJVo_Screenshot_...075159.png that show as you type 14:52
and you can press the right arrow to select it
if you want a vid see half way through this asciinema.org/a/37390 14:53
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timotimo good talk, jnthn! 21:09
jnthn timotimo: Thanks. :) Hope it will help explain how to apply the concurrency stuff some more. :) 22:03
timotimo mhm
so here's something about the p6opaque debug dumper function that confuses me
if there's no flattened stable for an attribute, it uses get_obj_at_offset, which makes sense to me
but if there is, it just calls box_funcs.get_str? 22:04
that's definitely not guaranteed to work just based on "there is a flattened stable here"
jnthn Uh, no o.O
It could be a flattened in int or num 22:05
timotimo right
so i'd check the reprid in the flattened stable at the very least 22:06
still, props to nine for whipping it up 22:16
i was going to write it in python with the gdb bindings, but it would have been slow and quite painful 22:17
jnthn Oh, for sure. :) All debugging stuff we have was to scratch a debugging itch :) 22:21
timotimo smells the optimization opportunity of the milennium 22:28
timotimo puts a --> Nil into the method signature of NativeCall's !setup
huh, it's saying the sink was called from the nqp::nativecall op - though it could very well be from the code it gens for that nqp op 22:31
i hate it when calling MVM_dump_bytecode gives a malloc error and segfault :| 22:34
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