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samcv hmm weird. i have some code. if i compile it in gcc i get a segfault 03:50
if i compile it in clang i don't
eliminated some of the size by not storing min/max inside the array. also the collation_keys i can fit one into 32 bits 04:14
also working on how to avoid going across the full length of the string when possible. since the secondary and tertiary collation elements get pushed after the primary. so 04:45
"ca" => [.0706.0020.0002], [.06D9.0020.0002] => 0x0706, 0x06D9, {level seperator aka 0x0}, 0x20, 0x20, {level seperator aka 0x0}, 0x2, 0x2 04:47
as you can see since the secondary go after the primary and there is a level seperator i need to come up with a way to modify the way it does it in my branch now with primary,secondary tertiary together and process all the primary first, then pull more if needed (they're equal and haven't reached the end of either string which would cause a level seperator to appear) 04:49
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timotimo just read jnthn's post. nice report :) jnthn++ 19:34
jnthn :) 22:43
timotimo oh hey there you are :)
jnthn Yeah, though gonna rest up in 10 mins or so 22:44
Planning to continue on the spesh re-working tomorrow
timotimo sure :)
samcv making more progress on MoarVM collation code :) 22:46
luckily i was pretty close to what i said i needed to do yesterday already, so only needed some minor tweaks and pushing a 0 values collation key when reaching the end of a string
need to write up my progress report as well :) 22:49
timotimo the fact that i still haven't worked any more on the unicode name decompression thingie is haunting me :| 22:52
samcv seen any ghosts? 22:54
jnthn samcv: Nice; always happy to see improvements to our Unicode support. :)
samcv: Any idea how much work Unicode 10 support will be? 22:55
samcv i haven't looked at it yet :P 22:56
but i don't think much
samcv checks
well 22:57
there's emoji flag tags now
jnthn Yeah, just glancing through it. It looks less bad than 9.
samcv aside from that there is changes to the unicode collation document, but that is NYI so
but the emoji tag sequences will be interesting to implement 22:58
flags!. well i think the flags are now fully working. i still needed to make a few impromements but it does work i believe. passes all flag tests now
samcv thinks and wonders if i wrote abotu that in my report or not 22:59
or maybe i did that this month... hm. will have to look at git log :-D
jnthn :-) 23:12
'night o/
samcv night o/ 23:15
timotimo night! 23:26