MasterDuke timotimo: you around? 00:42
Geth_ MoarVM: ed4201e92a | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/debug/debugserver.c
debugserver: cut module names out of filenames

otherwise you'd have to supply not just the filename where your breakpoint shall reside, but also the module name in parenthesis afterwards, but not always, only if the file was included from a CompUnitRepo or something like that.
timotimo MasterDuke: is that an answer? :) 00:44
MasterDuke i think it'll suffice
i'm trying to write a template for floor_n 00:45
the case in interp.c just calls floor()
but doing `(template: floor_n (call (^func &floor) (arglist (carg $1 ptr)) num_sz))` errors with `src/jit/core_templates.h:722:50: error: ‘floor’ undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean ‘flock’?` 00:47
timotimo yup, i stumbled over that before
i think maybe you have to trick the compiler into making that function a reality 00:49
try putting it into the op_to_func program in graph.c and see if that changes things
though maybe that's too far away for this
MasterDuke you mean use the lego jit, not create a template? 00:53
timotimo yes 00:55
somewhere it'd be available
just a random spot
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MasterDuke hm. a profile says it's jitted now, but it's not any faster 01:13
timotimo yeah, that can be 01:14
ideally we'd compile floor_n to actual assembly that floors a double
roundsd xmm0, xmm0, 9 01:15
cvttsd2si eax, xmm0
ret!((comp...,version:3 - use this fantastic tool
oh lord that url 01:16
MasterDuke that would be done in emit.dasc ?
timotimo yeah, i think so
wait what the heck 01:17
the floor_double(double) function just became much much longer
you may have to switch on the "intel" view to have the registers in the right order 01:18 01:19
this is the one that uses only two ops
oh, possibly -ffast-math is responsible for the short one 01:21
MasterDuke i haven't written assembly in 15 years, and then it was mips 01:24
it's probably best if i leave this to someone else 01:25
timotimo hah
*nice* the compiler explorer lets you right-click on an asm instruction and view asm help
MasterDuke that is a pretty awesome tool 01:27
timotimo gotta go to bed, seeya! 01:28
MasterDuke later...
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timotimo .ask brrt so how do i go about finding the right line number when printing a backtrace when there's jit involved? 12:48
yoleaux timotimo: I'll pass your message to brrt.
MasterDuke timotimo: think i should create MoarVM issues for floor/pow/ceil/etc? about jitting them or handcrafting some assembly 12:53
timotimo yeah, maybe :)
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Geth MoarVM/dont_gc_in_spesh: 4ec52aed01 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/spesh/worker.c
init a field we access right away
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Geth MoarVM: b5609f8372 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | 8 files
spesh worker: when wval fix fails, retry a few times
MoarVM: 4ec52aed01 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/spesh/worker.c
init a field we access right away
MoarVM: a925baeea5 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | 8 files
Merge branch 'dont_gc_in_spesh'

Running GC inside the spesh worker is forbidden, but when fixing up wval instructions during inlining, we sometimes caused objects to be deserialized for the first time.
Now we check if an object we're refering to has not yet ... (5 more lines)
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lizmat and another Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: 17:41
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lizmat someone here with access to ?? it seems to be giving 500's :-( 21:54
JITting MoarVM is going to get interesting on MacOS in 2020: 22:12
timotimo oh, fascinating 22:19
jnthn Interesting indeed 22:27
'night 22:28
lizmat night& 22:29
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