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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
jnthn 00:00
japhb Sweet! Reading material for sitting in this awful traffic jam! (In a bus, that is.) 00:02
.oO( Sometimes, the bus number is a good sign :P )
MasterDuke jnthn: fyi if you care, you had a "the a" in the previous post 00:04
japhb Our speed seems to vary a fair amount, but seems to be oscillating between "a slow walk" and "a slow jog"
jnthn tries to figure out if japhb is talking about his bus or about MoarVM :P
japhb I'm not *that* rude!
At this pace, I can see all the little bits of flotsam in the median lost out of people's cars (or *off* of, given that some of them are bumpers and tail lights) 00:05
jnthn MasterDuke: Fixed, thanks 00:11
MasterDuke jnthn: "followed by calling whatever the plugin produce.", produces? 00:14
jnthn ah yes
timotimo jnthn++ # bloggage
MasterDuke jnthn: in the plugin example, you have `if nqp::isconcrete_nd($rv) && nqp::iscont($rv) { # Guard that it's concrete, ...`. why do you need the guard if you just checked nqp::isconcrete_nd? 00:16
timotimo the guard ends up in the generated code from the plugin 00:18
jnthn MasterDuke: We're setting up guards that should be checked in order to use the specialization that we return
timotimo yeah, the other checks are not "recorded"
i think you neglected to mention that not setting a $!descriptor means "a readonly scalar" 00:19
jnthn Thought about it, but it didn't really fit anywhere, and didn't see that important in the overall story 00:20
timotimo OK
jnthn *seem
I'll be about tomorrow morning, but am off on vacation tomorrow evening and will be offline for a week 00:21
Well, will glance email, but that's about all 00:22
timotimo aye, vacation time much deserved
MasterDuke jnthn++ great series of articles
timotimo agreed, MasterDuke
japhb Given the timezone difference, I'll just say it now: Enjoy your vacation, jnthn! 00:24
AlexDaniel jnthn++ indeed 00:31
jnthn japhb: Thanks! :) 00:38
Glad the series has been of interest :) 00:39
Sleep time; goodnight o/ 00:45
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timotimo gnite jnthn 00:49
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Geth MoarVM: jstuder-gh++ created pull request #921:
Fix memory leak in CArray given P6 Strs
MasterDuke .ask timotimo how come there's a smrt_numify and smrt_strify, but not smrt_intify? 03:45
yoleaux MasterDuke: I'll pass your message to timotimo.
Geth MoarVM: Kaiepi++ created pull request #922:
Add missing .h suffix to build/
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jnthn wanders off for vacation 14:59
See you all in a week o/
Zoffix \o 15:02
timotimo have a safe trip! 15:03
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tadzik have fun! :) 15:19
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timotimo yo tadzik, how do you feel about my profiler frontend project? 15:51
tadzik timotimo: I'm yet to look into it, but I'm always up for cool profiler frontends :) 15:52
timotimo so far i haven't made the code public, so all you've got is my blog posts and the grant application document
(which somehow got rather mangled when going from markdown to movable type) 15:53
Zoffix Join us next week, Saturday, August 4, 2018 for the Monthly SQUASHathon! This month we will be fixing broken ecosystem modules: 16:18
samcv good * 16:25
Zoffix \o
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samcv apparently last night was the hottest night on record in the netherlands 16:26
also the store was sold out of fans :P
samcv checks out zoffix's squashathon link
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timotimo really entertaining the thought of getting a little "split unit" AC 16:51
[Coke] I lived in houston, tx for 18 months, so I need full-house AC wherever I live now. Spoiled. 16:52
25C? AC!!!! 16:53
timotimo i'm not sure i understand the reason for that, is it just because they have AC running 24/7 no matter the temperature?
tadzik timotimo: split unit as in, one box inside, one box outside?
[Coke] timotimo: yes. everything is ac all the time. so you go outside in 40C for 5m, but spend the rest of the day in ac. 16:54
timotimo tadzik: i'd expect one that just has a tube that you hang out the window 16:55
[Coke] well, 35c
tadzik heh, I'm contemplating the AC at home, but the only time I spent in an AC'd "room" (in a car), I just roll the windows down %)
timotimo including something to close off the window while it's still open
tadzik timotimo: ah, the price discouraged me a little bit from that one 16:56
it'd be cheaper to rent a desk for 2 months around here :P
timotimo hah
can you sleep under the desk? :)
tadzik night time is mostly fine :)
it's working that gets annoying (I work from home)
timotimo as do i 16:57
tadzik (and I think you can actually sleep under the desk in a cow working centre)
lizmat highest we've seen today: 36.4 16:58
last night was the hottest night on record: 23+ 16:59
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japhb is of the opinion it's not truly hot until it crosses 40C, but then he also strongly believes in AC down to at least 22C or below 18:48
samcv lizmat: insulation and double paned windows makes a huge difference as well. my home in california I grew up had those and would feel way cooler than where i'm staying right now 18:55
which has neither
other times hasn't been much of an issue, but it usually isn't this hot
in NL that is
we have no AC at the home i grew up 18:56
lizmat yes, indeed, the heatwave here in Limburg is now in its 21st day, I believe, and the forecast for the next 10 days is not seeing an end of it
so that would mean a 30+ day heatwave, which is basically unheard of in NL
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samcv lizmat: apparently right now it's hotter in Limburg than anywhere in europe 19:10
lizmat yeah, we were driving this afternoon, and at one point the car claimed the outside temp was 38 19:11
so yeah, that feels about right
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stmuk will a newer moarvm generally work with a relatively older rakudo/nqp? 19:28
[Coke] amazing storm rolled through town here just now, wow. 19:32
stmuk we are hoping our 40+ day heatwave gets its first rain in the next 45 mins or so .. thunder and lightening in distance 19:34
[Coke] goodluck. 19:40
stmuk yeah thunderstorm! 19:42
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stmuk;model=gfs 19:42
MasterDuke stmuk: yeah, too a point (re newer moarvm and older nqp/rakudo) 19:43
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MasterDuke timotimo: you around? 20:13
or anyone really. how do i add something to the string constants structure? 20:15
to add 'Int', like there's 'Str' and 'Num' here 20:17
timotimo MasterDuke: there's a macro that does it
MasterDuke: it's in 6model/bootstrap.c 20:18
MasterDuke timotimo: thanks
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timotimo YW 20:36
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