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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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AlexDaniel timotimo: wait, uh… I don't know about this? 09:44
timotimo i actually thought it happened in a non-released commit until last night
like, in an experiment or something
AlexDaniel japhb: what's your version exactly? 09:45
also, given that it's Feb already and we're just two weeks from the next planned release… maybe we should skip this one 09:46
maybe not, because actually almost all blockers are gone
but what is that thing with Red? 09:48
I can reproduce that 09:53
Blin can help, but it'll take some time to heat up the pan 09:55
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AlexDaniel so this commit 10:38
was when the regression in Red was fixed
synopsebot R#2640 [open]: [rerevert] Some sort of regression in Red module
AlexDaniel and on that exact commit it panics 10:39
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