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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine timotimo: 2 observations about MVM_profile_instrumented_mark_data: * it will never use slot 0 in nodelist.items * start can never become > 0, so the code for handling that will never be used 07:03
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Guest23744 where is everyone? 14:04
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nine here! 14:09
timotimo right, the "start" thing was probably a premature optimization 14:12
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brrt \o 14:21
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Guest23744 oh, suddenly everyone is here :) 14:39
timotimo: I though premature optimization was the root of all evil :)
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MasterDuke while everybody is here, any objections to merging ? 14:53
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brrt idk, timotimo should judge that I think 14:55
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nine Preliminary report: we definitely end up with a fromspace object in node->alloc[i].type. The only place that sets this is log_one_allocation which explicitly checks the value with MVM_ASSERT_NOT_FROMSPACE. So it's safe to assume that the object gets moved after the pointer is assigned. 15:25
However, the node in question is part of the profile thread data and AFAICT this gets marked just fine by MVM_profile_instrumented_mark_data as part of every GC run
Indeed, the stack trace I get with GC torture turned on is from adding this broken object to the worklist 15:26
MasterDuke i don't really understand all the details, but it sounds like you're saying it's impossible 15:28
nine Well, I'm saying that I'm missing something :) Reading the source has not yet revealed any obvious error to me 15:29
jnthn nine: I spent a little time looking into it and couldn't see anything obvious either, alas 15:32
Guest23744 a real mystery then 15:34
MasterDuke is this something rr would help with? 15:40
nine yes 15:51
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nine Wait a minute...the object has a valid forwarder 16:08
timotimo oh? so things get double-marked? 16:09
or is the flags section not properly changed?
or something completely different and there's one & too few?
nine p node->alloc[i].type.header.flags & MVM_CF_FORWARDER_VALID
$9 = 128
The fowarder looks legit 16:10
timotimo forgot to put a ( ) around an & ?
nine And this is in mark_call_graph_node (tc=0x48ef00, node=0x6471420, nodelist=0x7ffca2938810, worklist=0x6b127f0) at src/profiler/instrument.c:830
timotimo i mean, a valid forwarder just means gc_mark should update the pointer to the forwarder immediately? 16:11
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nine How is this supposed to work exactly? process_worklist would just update the item pointer. But with GC_DEBUG on MVM_gc_worklist_add doesn't check if there's a forwarder. It will simply complain about the item being in the past fromspace 16:14
timotimo how exactly did you check if the forwarder is valid? 16:15
because if the object is in a past fromspace, then it could be that the forwarder points at fromspace, not tospace
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nine p node->alloc[i].type.header.sc_forward_u.forwarder->flags & MVM_CF_SECOND_GEN 16:17
$23 = 16
(rr) p node->alloc[i].type.header.sc_forward_u.forwarder 16:18
$24 = (MVMCollectable *) 0x2e0b4b0
(rr) p tc->nursery_fromspace
$25 = (void *) 0x7f23d6658010
(rr) p tc->nursery_tospace
$26 = (void *) 0x7f23d9178010
The forwarder's st is correct, too
timotimo huh 16:20
nine Ah, I think this is just a red herring. The assertion fails for good reason. We're marking an object that's in the memory we move stuff to. So either the pointer already got updated during this GC run or it didn't get updated during a previous one. 16:26
Could we encounter a node multiple times when traversing the call graph?! 16:27
timotimo that would be very strange 16:28
but possible of course
nine OTOH if the item has a valid forwarder, the address in nursery_alloc is actually no longer correct either. If the pointer was already updated during this GC run, it would point to gen2 16:29
timotimo just printf every node's address when going through them
nine And according to rr the pointer only got written once - in the initial assignment 16:30
nine is afk for a couple hours 16:32
Kaiepi is jnthn around? 16:52
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