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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 Oh my, we have Rakudo in production at $ork. Running the time tracking system. So nothing big. But something we can get in legal doo-doo for if it miscounts. 16:22
jnthn That's...quite important :) 16:27
I mean, not quite as important as running the coffee machine, but still... 16:28
nwc10 :-)
yes, but that seems to have enough software to go wrong, despite the fact that (as best I can work out) all it has is a microcontroller to get the thermostat to talk to the heating element
jnthn Ah, rather simpler the one in the office here 16:29
nwc10 that 16:30
that's the manual thing
the fully automatic thing likely has a far more funky thing
given the buttons
and the display
jnthn Yes, that sounds closer to what I've got :)
nwc10 and the nagging "are you really sure that you emptied the internal bin just now?" confirmation message
jnthn It gets through a lot of coffee beans, but the coffee is tasty
This one is usually nagging for more water :) 16:31
nwc10 the big one is plumbed into water
jnthn It takes on trust that when it told you to empty the grinds bin that you really did; it just counts those
nwc10 but the drip tray is not plumbed in
you can see a failure mode here...
jnthn But it seems to have something smarter on the drip tray
nwc10 yep
and the drip tray is entirely dump, with a little floaty thing to signal that the "wetware" needs to deal with the wet before the carpet also becomes wet 16:32
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