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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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timotimo looks like more-pea has last been rebased 4 months ago? 10:54
i was looking at the spesh log for that "create a bunch of As" benchmark from yesterday, and one thing that caught my eye was using sp_getvc_o; i wonder if it's worth anything to know that at tthis point the attribute will never have been accessed, so we know exactly how vivification will go 10:57
but it could very well be that more-pea will already or very soon just make that go away anyway
brrt \o 10:58
nwc10 o/
timotimo ohai brrt 10:59
how goes it?
anyway, i can totally confirm that we can get even faster in this particular benchmark, because it's still using a hash to pass the values for a and b around 11:01
brrt pretty well, dogbert17++ has been hounding me for missing breaks the last few days
timotimo you can not catch a break, huh?
brrt hadn't expect so many of them tbh 11:03
timotimo finding out how much work is needed to make moarperf happily use more than one profiler file was a bit of a surprise ... 11:04
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