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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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japhb timotimo: I'm having trouble getting moarperf working. The release tarball by itself is missing a lot of stuff (it has not static directory, for instance 03:35
But even extracting the "built" tarball on top of a git clone of the moarperf repo is not enough. 03:36
Unfortunately, I can't even go the npm route because OF COURSE dozens of modules are pissed that my version of node or npm is too old. Because gee, I haven't done a full OS reimage this year yet. :-P 03:37
And sadly, the original HTML profiler output just falls over trying to profile even the startup and a couple hits to a Cro server. 03:39
At this point I'm wondering if I have to reinstall my OS just to figure out why Cro statically serving a 500 byte CSS file takes 50+ milliseconds for no apparent reason. 03:40
japhb looks around at the piles of yak hair and wonders if anything in the fridge tastes like his feelings 03:42
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japhb Welp, multiple operating system upgrades and bugfixes later, I can now actually use npm to build moarperf. I would \o/ at this point, except it won't actually show me anything when I browse to it after running the service file. Instead, I always get "There is nothing at this URL. Return" whether I enter the filename in the web form or as an argument to the service script, whether the .sql or .sqlite3 08:40
file, and whether in a random other directory or in the same directory as moarperf.
timotimo: ^^ 08:41
japhb gives up for tonight and trundles off to bed.
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timotimo i have no control over what github does for the source tarball, but i do have the release tarballs that have compiled javascript and the perl6 code, in theory 11:44
it does sound like you tried that though, and that didn't work? :\
clearly i've got to try running it on a fresh container with almost nothing installed or something like that
to figure out what my actual dependencies are that i might just happen to have available locally 11:45
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japhb Makes sense. At this point I can't tell what I don't have. :-/ 16:57
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