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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine Of course, callbacks can be nested, quite deep even 08:16
With that fixed, there's now only a lot of breakage with JIT enabled 08:20
The good news is that its likely that the bug that caused me to go on the hunt seems to be the same that I'm currently working on fixing. 08:52
I got started by one of Inline::Perl5's tests failing on an i586 build, so I tried to reproduce it in my normal dev environment. With MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING and MVM_SPESH_NODELAY a different test failed, which is what I've been debugging so far. 08:53
I was quite worried that after all this work, I'd still have to investigate the actual bug. But chances are good that they are one and the same after all :) 08:54
lizmat nine++ 09:33
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