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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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lizmat And another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 20:10
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brrt I have this longish post pending... but I want to share with you my main thesis 21:50
Scripting happens when there's two preconditions that are met
One, a system with an interesting amount of complexity has matured to the point of being encapsulated (e.g., an RDBMS) 21:52
Two, there is greater demand for computational services than can be reasonably met by the typical application languages, and more to the point
Application languages are almost always unpractical for scripting because they emphasize a model-centric structure that is redundant for scripts (the model might just be the data itself). 21:54
System programming languages are unsuitable since they tend to expose concerns that are relevant to system programmers (because systems tend to be developed at the edge of the 'possible'; this is because systems provide services, and we always want as much service for as little as possible) 21:55
but those concerns are irrelevant for scripts, since scripts will typically leverage systems (i.e. the 'actual work' is done by some library or server)
the main concern for scripting, instead, is to have as little 'barrier' to interfacing with the systems as possible 22:00
(this is why, e.g. python3's decision to make str() a proper-unicode-type, *and* use that for operating system interfaces, is the wrong answer for a scripting language; the proper type of a string representing an external-resource, is whatever-fits-the-external-resource, for a scripting language, correctness be damned) 22:02
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