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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine brrt: I'd be grateful for any such hints! My understanding of the JITs control flow is limited 07:15
tellable6 nine, I'll pass your message to brrt
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Guest38485 is everyone working on ? 12:54
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nwc10 Guest38485: domm mentions it every so often on over on 14:59
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nine Guest38485: I don't need advent calendar puzzles. MoarVM supplies me with a steady flow of the greatest puzzles and mysteries that want solving :) 15:12
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dogbert17 nine: have you solved the JIT puzzle yet? 17:10
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nine dogbert17: no, still on it 17:14
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dogbert17 nine: any wise comments from jnthn or brrt? 18:27
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nine not yet 18:58
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nine No progress today :/ 20:48
I do have some suspicion...that tc->cur_frame ends up pointing to the wrong frame as it never had a spesh_cand but we're in JITed code anyway 20:51
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nine That tc->cur_frame gets set by NativeCall's callback handler: tc->cur_frame = backup_cur_frame; 20:56
I.e. that's the frame that called the native code that ran the callback 20:57
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jnthn nine: Hmm...I wonder if it could be something like a deopt all causes an uninlining, creating a new top frame, and then it restores backup_cur_frame to the wrong thing. That doesn't quite match the symptoms though... 23:44
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