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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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brrt \o 15:10
tellable6 2019-12-11T07:15:53Z #moarvm <nine> brrt: I'd be grateful for any such hints! My understanding of the JITs control flow is limited
brrt uh, I've not been here for a while
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nwc10 o/ 15:19
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nine_ brrt: well, I did find it out in the end :) 15:36
tellable6 nine_, I'll pass your message to brrt
nwc10 nine_: The misunderstanding between me and rjbs is now correct, and rjbs kindly did all the dirty work for me and made an IO trial release for the fix we need: 15:38
er, corrected
anway, mor eimportant:
and I see some red that wasn't there earlier, so mmm....
oh, test portability fail and unreleated. eg here's an older version: 15:40
Guest38485 nine_: did you see that |Tux| had some complaint today as well? 15:57
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lizmat Guest38485: I think nine acknowledged and reproduced that ? 17:00
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nine_ nwc10: sounds good! Thanks for the heads up 17:14
Guest38485: yes, I think it's just a different symptom of the same issue 17:15
Huh, that's interesting: while I cannot provoke the issue by running the GC more often, it actually does the opposite: with a small nursery I cannot reproduce the issue at all 17:19
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jnthn I guess sometimes you can cause a thing to move into gen2 sooner, from which point on it doesn't move, and so "wrong nursery" checks won't fire. 17:27
nine That's a very good hint! 17:28
Oddly the errors I get are all at Raku level about wrong types or an unexpected VMNull 17:29
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nine Most often: Native call expected return type with CPointer representation, but got a P6opaque (Scalar) 17:29
jnthn I assume it's not sensitive to spesh and friends? 17:30
nine Disabling spesh makes it more reproducible
Increasing MVM_NURSERY_SIZE _and_ MVM_NURSERY_THREAD_START drastically makes it go away, too. This kinda confirms the suspicion that it's a GC issue 17:36
(as now objects won't move because they stay in the nursery)
Luckily I do have a bit of experience with GC issues :)
But now I have to leave for some fitness training 17:37
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dogbert17 nine: FWIW here's what I get: 18:38
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