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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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dogbert17 .seen nine 18:31
tellable6 dogbert17, I saw nine 2019-12-17T17:37:33Z in #moarvm: <nine> But now I have to leave for some fitness training
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nine I'm here 19:02
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dogbert17 nine: cool, did you see my gist from yesterday? 19:16
nine dogbert17: I did and it's puzzling... but in the realm of possible consequences of a GC issue 19:44
dogbert17 a stupid question, is it possible that 'sc' and/or sc->body has changed when we come to line 2848? 19:51
nine That's not a stupid question at all. And it may even be exactly what happens. MVMSerializationContext is itself just a 6model object and an MVMCollectable, so it is possible that it gets moved by the GC 20:04
MasterDuke nine: if you see the conversation over in #raku, moarvm throws an exception in stage mbc when trying to run a 100k line script of just variable declarations
nine Now the MVM_gc_allocate_gen2_default_set(tc) call would ordinarily prevent the GC from running, but that flag gets cleared when running the callback during deserialization of a NativeCall site 20:05
dogbert17: can you try if MVMROOTing sc makes the error go away? 20:06
MasterDuke which is a little unrealistic, but i don't know what exactly is the problem (i.e., whether it's 100k lines at all, or 100k different variable declarations), but rakudo/gen/moar/CORE.c.setting is 68k lines, so getting close to that problematic number
dogbert17 nine: I'll give it a go 20:16
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dogbert17 nine: MVMRooting sc around line 2835 doesn't help, it still fails on line 2848 20:23
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MasterDuke ha. so 70k lines throws an exception. 60k lines froze my computer and i had to hard-reset. tried again and watched with top, it gets to stage moar and then memory use just starts skyrocketing. i manually killed it at 22gb res 20:34
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MasterDuke looks like it might be spesh 20:44
nine dogbert17: did you root it from 2835 to 2846? 20:48
MasterDuke huh, heaptrack thinks copy_guard_set in src/spesh/plugin.c is allocating tons and tons of ram, but disabling spesh doesn't help 20:49
dogbert17 yes and no :) at first only around 2835 but later all the way to before 2848 after that it started to panic insted
something about an item owned by zero added to worklist 20:51
dogbert17 tries again
MoarVM panic: Invalid owner in item added to GC worklist 20:52
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MasterDuke why is spesh plugin stuff getting called even when i run with MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1? 20:58
nine The naming may just be a bit confusing. 20:59
There are interpreter implementations of those ops
MasterDuke ?? copy_guard_set() isn't an op though 21:00
nine dogbert17: you do see change at least :) That's usually better than just no change at all 21:03
dogbert17: so what object is it complaining about?
MasterDuke: copy_guard_set is used by update_state which is used by add_resolution_to_guard_set which is used by call_resolver which is used by MVM_spesh_plugin_resolve which is used by the speshresolve op 21:05
There's also an MVM_spesh_plugin_resolve_spesh for actually speshed code
dogbert17 nine: I'll see if I can figure that out but gdb is plying trix on me atm for unknown reasons 21:07
MasterDuke nine: huh. fwiw, result->num_guards in copy_guard_set only ranges between 2 and 9, it just gets called a lot 21:08
nine MasterDuke: I'd not be surprised if some algorithm in stage more just doesn't scale well 21:09
I didn't think much about huge source files :) 21:10
MasterDuke i don't think it's stage moar. at least a time gets printed for that stage and then after that things go crazy
in this case it can't just be the number of lines, since this is less than the core setting. i'm assuming it's the number of variables created 21:11
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dogbert17 #0 MVM_panic (exitCode=1, messageFormat=0x7ffff76706a8 "Invalid owner in item added to GC worklist") at src/core/exceptions.c:833 21:15
#1 0x00007ffff74d3fe7 in MVM_gc_root_add_temps_to_worklist (tc=0x603d60, worklist=0x3972030, snapshot=0x0) at src/gc/roots.c:285
seems to be this line: MVM_gc_worklist_add(tc, worklist, temproots[i]); btw, 'i' is equal to 0 21:20
is there some MVM_dump_object thingy available?
MasterDuke result->body.num_positions does get as high as 6865 in update_state() 21:21
heh. i printed out result->body.num_positions in update_state(). at first there are a couple small numbers, bounces back and forth with values between 1 and 9. then eventually it starts at 1 and increments to 6865. and update_state() is running a loop up to result->body.num_positions. no wonder there's memory growth 21:27
nine dogbert17: there's MVM_dump_p6opaque(tc, obj) but usually I just use something like `p *temproots[i]` to get an idea about what object I'm dealing with 21:36
dogbert17 (gdb) p **temproots[i] 21:39
$3 = {sc_forward_u = {forwarder = 0x7fffffffbfd0, sc = {sc_idx = 4294950864, idx = 32767}, st = 0x7fffffffbfd0}, owner = 4149001387, flags = 32767, size = 0}
looks nonsensical
nine absolutely
is it the rooted sc? 21:40
dogbert17 hmm, let's see 21:42
just to check, you wanted me to end the MVMRoot after this line: 21:45
if I do that then valgrind suddenly gets quite upset 21:48
==23285== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) 21:49
==23285== at 0x509C802: is_stack_frame (roots.c:275)
==23285== by 0x509C88E: MVM_gc_root_add_temps_to_worklist (roots.c:284)
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nine dogbert17: that's...odd 21:56
but yes, that was my suggestion
dogbert17 I wonder what's going on 21:58
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nine Maybe the sc is already broken when its ROOTed? 22:02
dogbert17 might be worth investigating 22:03
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nine I wonder if it'd be a better approach to unify the 3 nested runloop implementations first. I know that the code in NativeCall.c is broken - just like the one in nativecall_dyncall.c was 22:04
dogbert17 aha 22:08
nine To be clear: I don't see an immediate connection between the deopt issue I fixed and the GC issue 22:09
dogbert17 perhaps this is a job for rr 22:16
nine definitely worth a try 22:17
need to go to bed now...good night! And good luck hunting!
dogbert17 Good night. Unfortunately I'm unable to run rr on my Ryzen system :( 22:20
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