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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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patrickb I'm currently looking at the dyncall 3rdparty submodule. Version 1.1 got released recently and I'd like to update. 17:20
When looking at the git history it seems as older updates actually imported the mercurial commits while the two more recent bumps just copied all the files in. 17:21
Does that mean, that there are actually no changes between the official mercurial dyncall repo and the git repo?
Is updating as easy as replacing the entire working directory of the dyncall git repo with the respective mercurial commit and commiting the result (and loosing any potential changes there might possibly have been in our repo)?
jnthn Hopefully any of the changes we did make are long enough ago to have been fixed upstream. The commit log for the repo suggests there are very very few such changes though 17:24
And others may well have just done exactly what you're suggesting since then
I'd try that as a first resort, anyway
patrickb So the plan is to just hope for the best and overwrite with vanilla upstream. OK. Will do! 17:25
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patrickb nine: I have updated and renamed the option to --git-cache-dir. Are you OK with the changes now? 18:32
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nine patrickb: yep 18:50
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patrickb May I kindly ask for a merge :-) 18:56
Geth MoarVM: f7a3a5ccdc | (Patrick Böker)++ | 2 files
Implement `--git-cache-dir` option

This option makes the configure process create / update git repositories for all of its submodules in the given folders and use those as reference repos.
MoarVM: ecddb4de5f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #1228 from patrickbkr/git-reference-option

Implement `--git-reference` option
lizmat patrickb nine ^^
should I bump Moar / NQP ?
patrickb lizmat: Thanks! 19:06
lizmat: A bump would be fine. Then I can also merge the corresponding PRs in NQP and rakudo. :-D 19:07
lizmat ok, will do the bump in Moar then, leaving the NQP and Rakudo ones to you ?
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patrickb Dyncall bump PR is done: 20:42
^ Merge at latest convenience.
The actual bump in MoarVM will happen separately.
lizmat patrickb I would like to merge asap, to give more testing before release 20:44
so, should I merge that now ?
jnthn ?
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dogbert11 t/spec/S07-hyperrace/basics.t fails one of its tests 21:59
not ok 84 - hyperized s/…/…/;
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lizmat dogbert11: yeah, reported this a few hours ago on #raku-dev, no takers :-( 22:06
MasterDuke looks like it might be that s/// change jnthn made recently 22:07
lizmat builds without that commit 22:09
yup, that's the one 22:11
I wonder if the test is faulty 22:12
MasterDuke in the got: <...>, "++", "", "++", <...> 22:13
Use of Nil in string context in block at t/spec/S07-hyperrace/basics.t line 177 22:14
worker in a parallel iteration (hyper or race) initiated here: in sub _is_deeply at /home/dan/Source/perl6/rakudo/lib/Test.rakumod (Test) line 675 in sub is-deeply at /home/dan/Source/perl6/rakudo/lib/Test.rakumod (Test) line 590 in sub is-deeply at /home/dan/Source/perl6/rakudo/lib/Test.rakumod (Test) line 586 in block <unit> at
t/spec/S07-hyperrace/basics.t line 187Died at: Your printf-style directives specify 0 arguments, but 2 arguments were supplied in block at t/spec/S07-hyperrace/basics.t line 187
looks like a memory corruption or something like that
lizmat well, then we finally have a reproducible case for that :-) 22:15
MasterDuke: will you do the honors of an issue, or should I?
MasterDuke i can 22:17
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lizmat MasterDuke++ 22:32
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