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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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regreg hello 14:59
does moarvm have some intrinsic performance limitations?
based on ISA limitations 15:00
does moarvm have autoinlining? 15:15
sena_kun regreg, I think a lot of core devs are busy with GPW, so you might need to wait a bit to get answers. 15:17
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regreg what is GPW? 15:24
leont German Perl Workshop 15:25
regreg ah
leont It's from yesterday until tomorrow
Guest1277 Are any videos from GPW available yet?
regreg cool 15:26
i'm trying to implement a CAS
i guess raku is a good choice right?
never coded in raku before
leont Content addressed store? 15:27
regreg no, Computer Algebra System
i'm somewhat familiar with LISP and CLOS 15:28
leont That makes more sense
timotimo regreg: moarvm does inlining as well as on-stack-replacement for hot loops, it also jit-compiles code to x86_64 assembly instructions during runtime 15:49
anything moar can't do for you you can probably do with NativeCall and something written in C/fortran/pascal/rust/nim/whatever 15:50
regreg: all that said, i'm not sure what you're refering to with the intrinsic performance limitations; like some overheads you can't get rid of for example? 16:00
regreg timotimo, right inherent overhead 16:01
like not being able to allocate on stack
timotimo allocating on stack is a thing moarvm is learning to do at the moment; we're approaching it from the angle of "partial escape analysis" + "scalar replacement" 16:03
i.e. objects can be stack-allocated even if they sometimes escape, and an object that is treated this way turns into a bunch of simple local variables in the mean time
you can't go wrong with watching a few of jnthn's talks, or reading his slides; you can find the slides on - you'll want to scroll down to the "archive" 16:04
the "perl 6 performance update" from the perlcon 2019 might be especially interesting
regreg thanks for the links
timotimo YW 16:05
regreg there is a difference between implementation details 16:06
and inherent limitations that are probably never going to be fixed
i'm more interested in the second category 16:07
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timotimo we don't have tail-call optimization, and i think we've decided against getting that at some point? 16:26
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regreg i'm ok with that, i'm not a big fan of recursivity anyway 17:05
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MasterDuke nice. was just merged, so next time we update libtommath we'll get a more correct expmod 21:50
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