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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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Geth MoarVM: 12a447318d | (Patrick Böker)++ | tools/
Fix submodule updating

The previous commit broke it completely.
MoarVM: fc35d73640 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | tools/
Merge pull request #1256 from patrickbkr/fix-update-submodules

Fix submodule updating
nine patrickb: God damn it Windows :(
tellable6 nine, I'll pass your message to patrickb 08:13
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dogbert17 Sometimes the t/02-rakudo/reproducible-builds.t fails but when trying to repro it usually works. Has anyone else seen this? 16:16
I managed to catch it once and the error message was: 16:18
Type check failed for return value; expected Buf:D but got Slip (Empty)
in block at t/02-rakudo/reproducible-builds.t line 34
in block <unit> at t/02-rakudo/reproducible-builds.t line 31
nine: do you have any insights? 16:19
lizmat dogbert17: actually talked about this with nine at GPaRW, afaik he also has no idea how that can be... 16:34
dogbert17 lizmat: thanks, so we need more information in order to figure out what's going on then 16:41
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lizmat nine assumed some type of hash order dependency 16:47
but I was just thinking, maybe it could be time dependent, in the sense of something happening in different seconds which usually happens in the same second 16:48
dogbert17 but should a hash order dependency problem lead to the test crashing rather than failing? 17:05
lizmat indeed... one wonders 17:07
dogbert17 the test has now failed twice for me (after many runs) and both times the erroneous md5sum has been identical 17:45
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nine win 10 19:38
lizmat pling! you win! 19:41
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nine 10 times? :) 20:10
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