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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine It looks more and more like my memory leaks are in fact a rakudo issue rather than caused by Inline::Perl5 08:09
MasterDuke rakudo or moarvm? 08:13
nine Well rakudo includes moarvm and the leak could be caused by anything in there 08:20
Now the question is: how do I find out what those things are that are never freed? 08:22
heaptrack could tell me if I could disable the nursery (thus keeping us from moving stuff around in memory)
MasterDuke i feel that's a setup for a whole bunch of jokes, but i think they'd all be pretty dark (re finding things that are never freed) 08:23
didn't you do a whole bunch of related experiments recently? setting a giant gen2 or something like that? 08:24
nine Well I did spend a lot of time with the GC, indeed. 08:25
Actually disabling the nursery seems trivial. I just have to override the allocate_in_gen2 check in MVM_gc_allocate. But then I need a way to trigger a GC run (which is usually done when the nursery is full), otherwise it'll show all memory as leaked. 08:26
MasterDuke nqp::force_gc(), right? 08:27
nine Ha! What an excellent idea :) 08:29
MasterDuke jnthn: talking about heaptrack reminds me that i checked what valgrind reports as leaking when doing `raku --full-cleanup -e ''`. most seem to be spesh related. there are a couple small things, but then two big ones (12k and 411k) seem to be spesh worker related 08:33
the comment at suggests workers are being cleaned up, but is there more that should be done? 08:35
oh, and if i run valgrind with MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 it only reports leaks in two places (instead of the nine with spesh enabled) 08:42
nine: don't want to distract you from finding big leaks, but you may know something about the two remaining ones. one is related to serialization, there's a chain of rakudo_scalar_set_container_spec, deserialize_stable, ... . the other is just MVM_load_bytecode_buffer_to_cu 08:45
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 09:11
Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1260:
Free compunits loaded from bytecode upon dealloc
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MasterDuke oh, the one remaining leak (with spesh disabled) is from rakudo's src/vm/moar/ops/container.c 10:12
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MasterDuke huh, rakudo_scalar_set_container_spec is being called twice, but rakudo_scalar_gc_free_data is only being called once, when running `raku --full-cleanup -e ''` 10:53
nwc10 MoarVM oops: Malformed DU chain: writer takenextdispatcher of 5(1) in BB 86 is incorrect 10:55
Spesh of 'EVAL' (cuid: 12669, file: SETTING::src/core.c/ForeignCode.pm6:27)
That's t/spec/integration/eval-and-threads.t
master/master/296fbcf46 (because Rakudo has just moved on...) 10:56
MasterDuke vrurg: ^^^ 10:58
jnthn ooh, that's a good catch 11:02
(DU chain checker)++
MasterDuke what is a DU chain? 11:03
nwc10 jnthn: there were a couple of other spectest failures but I didn't dig into them when I hit that one 11:05
and at times, spectests seem to be left in a state of fail, which irks me
well, the spec test is probably correct, but it isn't TODO 11:06
jnthn MasterDuke: Define-Use 11:12
Basically links an SSA var with all of the places that use it 11:13
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MasterDuke jnthn: does a du-chain error usually indicate a problem in the implementation or optimization? 12:42
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jnthn MasterDuke: It means that something in spesh is transforming the program graph inconsistently, e.g. it doesn't update things properly 13:09
tellable6 jnthn, I'll pass your message to MasterDuke
jnthn And so leaves the graph in an inconsistent state, which can cause other analyses/optimizations to do the wrong thing
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MasterDuke fyi, the du chain error in t/spec/integration/eval-and-threads.t disappears if you set MVM_SPESH_INLINE_DISABLE=1 13:26
tellable6 2020-03-27T13:09:23Z #moarvm <jnthn> MasterDuke: It means that something in spesh is transforming the program graph inconsistently, e.g. it doesn't update things properly
jnthn Then there's a high chance the mistake is in inline.c 13:29
MasterDuke yep. if i comment out just these lines the error stays, just is reported in a different location (Spesh of 'AT-KEY' (cuid: 6608, file: SETTING::src/core.c/Hash.pm6:35)), but i comment out the else if entirely everything is fine 13:31
Geth MoarVM: edb6f87261 | (Daniel Green)++ | src/core/loadbytecode.c
Free compunits loaded from bytecode upon dealloc

Before this, `MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 valgrind --leak-check=full raku
  --full-cleanup -e ''` would report 'definitely lost: 1,560 bytes in 2
blocks', after it reports 'definitely lost: 32 bytes in 1 blocks'.
MoarVM: 8ed5e7f5c6 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core/loadbytecode.c
Merge pull request #1260 from MasterDuke17/cleanup_compunits_loaded_from_bytecode

Free compunits loaded from bytecode upon dealloc
nine MasterDuke: good catch!
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[Coke] ... I saw "free compunits" and was thinking something else. :) 13:58
like, $0.
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MasterDuke nine: thanks. btw, did you see my question about the rakudo container spec? 14:00
nine See yes, understand no :) 14:16
Who calls rakudo_scalar_set_container_spec? 14:17
MasterDuke i think 6model code in moarvm 14:18
maybe just nqp::setcontspec and deserialize_stable() 14:19
however, by far the bigger leaker is the jit 14:26
wait, hmm 14:31
jnthn Does it leak as it works, or just not free pages at process end?
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MasterDuke i'm just checking `valgrind raku --full-cleanup -e ''` 14:36
and i get oddly different report with MVM_JIT_DISABLE or MVM_SPESH_DISABLE 14:39
so i'm not 100% sure it's the jit. i think spesh working are definitely causing problems, and maybe also casting blame on the jit 14:41
e.g., 411,444 definitely lost, with a stack trace of MVM_vm_create_instance, MVM_spesh_worker_start, MVM_thread_new, MVM_tc_create, calloc 14:42
jnthn Hm, does full cleanup actaully close down the spesh worker, so there's chance to clear its thread context up? 14:43
Normally we'd just never care, 'cus it runs all process
MasterDuke that's what these are supposed to do, right? 14:44
jnthn Yeah, that joins it. 14:45
And the GC global cleanup comes after that
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Geth MoarVM: 48da6b2918 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/6model/reprs/CArray.c
Implement calculation of unmanaged size for CArray
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1261:
Free some memory calloc'ed when making spesh plans
MoarVM: 09b88efb00 | (Daniel Green)++ | src/spesh/plan.c
Free some memory calloc'ed when making spesh plans
MoarVM: b178623ce5 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/spesh/plan.c
Merge pull request #1261 from MasterDuke17/cleanup_leak_when_planning_for_certain_specialization

Free some memory calloc'ed when making spesh plans
MasterDuke thanks 16:28
i think most of the rest is from add_nodes_for_typed_argument() 16:29 and 16:31
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1262:
Destroy vectors that were previously init'ed
MasterDuke a little less sure of ^^^, i've never used MVM_VECTOR_* before 17:04
valgrind does still report `indirectly lost: 410,767 bytes in 36 blocks` and `still reachable: 1,677 bytes in 5 blocks` 17:05
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MasterDuke that's with jit disabled though 17:08
`MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING=1 MVM_SPESH_NOELAY=1 valgrind --leak-check=full ./install/bin/raku --full-cleanup -e ''` has `definitely lost: 3,064 bytes in 20 blocks` and `indirectly lost: 427,165 bytes in 95 blocks`
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Geth MoarVM: c82ff9d739 | (Daniel Green)++ | src/spesh/arg_guard.c
Destroy vectors that were previously init'ed
MoarVM: ed3e7cb984 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/spesh/arg_guard.c
Merge pull request #1262 from MasterDuke17/cleanup_leak_when_creating_nodes_to_check_argument_types

Destroy vectors that were previously init'ed
MoarVM: ae71ac80dd | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/6model/reprs/NativeCall.c
Fix NativeCall leaking sym_name on cleanup
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nine I know why the spesh thread's tc doesn't get freed! 19:32
MasterDuke oh!
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nine A thread object's tc doesn't get freed in it's gc_free as you'd expect. Instead it's handled by logic in the GC itself. It actually takes 2 GC runs to reach that as we need to keep stuff alive for finalizers to run. This second run simply doesn't happen for the spesh thread. 19:38
It only affects the spesh thread as we run the GC after joining a thread. So all threads but the very last to be joined will get at least 2 runs. This means that when spesh is disabled, we'd just leak another thread (unless there is none). 19:39
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MasterDuke so we need to run a another gc after what now is the last? 19:41
or is there a better solution?
Geth MoarVM: ada1cadaa7 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/moar.c
Don't leak a (spesh) thread when running with --full-cleanup

A thread object's tc doesn't get freed in it's gc_free as you'd expect. Instead it's handled by logic in the GC itself. It actually takes 2 GC runs to reach that as we need to keep stuff alive for finalizers to run. This second run simply doesn't happen for the spesh thread.
... (6 more lines)
nine Yeah, we'll just run the GC one more time. As we do this only with --full-cleanup this won't hurt
[Coke] nine++ 19:45
MasterDuke nine++ 20:08
not quite 0, but much less now. `definitely lost: 2,192 bytes in 19 blocks`, `indirectly lost: 16,398 bytes in 59 blocks` 20:10
nwc10 Stage parse : 393.582 20:12
that is ASAN, spesh no delay and full paranoia.
I don't remember it being below 400. It used to be above 500 20:13
Someone(s) have been doing good stuff
(probably not nine, who does other good stuff)
nine Haha! We leak all JIT code because.....of an off by 1 error in the reference count (yes we do that)
nwc10 failure do down-karma the reference :-) 20:14
MasterDuke ha. it did look to me like stuff was supposed to be freed, didn't think to look for off-by-ones
nine And fixing that uncovered a segfault... 20:15
MasterDuke doh
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Geth MoarVM: 92f1935d7a | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/jit/compile.c
Fix potential segfault when failing to compile JIT code

When we abort JIT compilation (due to a negative offset for dynamic label) not all fields in the MVMJitCode struct are initialized, so the MVM_free call on them may cause invalid memory access. Fix by initializing the struct with 0 on allocation.
MoarVM: 282989882d | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/jit/compile.c
No longer leak all JIT code

JIT code starts with a reference count of 1. AO_fetch_and_sub1 used to check the reference count in MVM_jit_code_destroy returns the original value. So we need to compare with 1 instead of 0.
MasterDuke nine++++, down to only leaking `32 bytes in 1 blocks`! 20:34
timotimo that's -e '', right? 20:36
timotimo right
very cool
perhaps this should be put on a schedule 20:37
a week or so before an upcoming release or so
MasterDuke though now it's the same if you leave them off
timotimo cool
MasterDuke you mean, not put it in the release scheduled for tomorrow?
timotimo oh, no that's not what i mean
MasterDuke oh, check for new leaks? 20:38
timotimo yes
Geth MoarVM: 77484098ff | (Stefan Seifert)++ | 2 files
Fix leaking native callback cache on thread exit
MasterDuke could be part of ci
i would like a series of performance ci tests/benchmarks run regularly 20:39
timotimo performance on publically offered CI infrastructure like travis or appveyor is probably a poor choice, unless we measure with like callgrind or cachegrind
MasterDuke we do have some credits for aws/azure/gcp, right? even just run weekly or something not quite as frequent as every commit would be good 20:41
nine That won't make performance tests much more useful 20:43
MasterDuke it's a start at least. almost always easier to improve something existing than create something new 20:46
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nine That leak rakudo_scalar_set_container_spec seems simple enough to plug by just freeing a preexisting st->container_data. That can hardly hurt as we overwrite it anyway. But I'd like jnthn's input on how this was meant to work architecture wise and if multiple calls to that function are to be expected. 21:00
MasterDuke i'm also running a rakudo compile (just CORE.c) through valgrind to see if it picks up anything else. not sure how long this is going to take... 21:04
nine I'd probably give it a night :) 21:06
MasterDuke 943s for stage parse 21:11
nine That's not all that basd
MasterDuke this ryzen 7 is a great cpu 21:12
164s for stage optimize 21:14
236s for stage mast 21:19
10s for stage mbc
and of course i forgot to run with --leak-check=full
nine Good thing it doesn't take a night then :) 21:20
Geth MoarVM: 768e6c2f30 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/core/threadcontext.c
Fix invalid reads when freeing native callback cache

Hashes use the fixed size allocator, so we must free the cache before tearing down the allocator.
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MasterDuke i'll gist the results, there definitely still are some leaks 21:51 21:52
tldr, `definitely lost: 17,312 bytes in 30 blocks`, `indirectly lost: 206,515 bytes in 3,735 blocks`, `possibly lost: 6,038,832 bytes in 1 blocks`, `still reachable: 1,708 bytes in 6 blocks` 21:53
nine MasterDuke: I have a fix for those MVM_cu_callsite_add issues 21:57
MasterDuke nice 21:58
nine Will create a PR as though it works and I do have a vague understanding of why it my be correct, I'm much less certain than with the other fixes 21:59
MasterDuke what about the giant one at the end? looks like you've touched that very line in fact 22:02
Geth MoarVM: niner++ created pull request #1263:
Fix interned callsites getting leaked when fixing up inlines
MasterDuke btw, looks like is missing an `MVM_free(output)`, though that isn't the cause of the leak 22:09
nine Yeah, it does
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nine Is it me or is tc->serialized actually never read anywhere 22:11
MasterDuke ? 22:12
lizmat feels like a MoarVM bump is in order? or too soon? 22:14
nine MasterDuke: that's a different thing. tc->serialized used to be read by the mast compiler, which no longer exists 22:15
MasterDuke but that's only setting something also. i never see a `serialized` being read...
nine true 22:17
MasterDuke doing another valgrind run with your PR and commented out 22:18
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nine Btw. t/spec/MISC/bug-coverage-stress-6.d.t fails with "continuationinvoke expects an MVMContinuation" when the loop's iterations are bumped like the comments describe 22:23
Geth MoarVM: 21fa394a8f | (Stefan Seifert)++ | 3 files
Remove remnants of the old mast compiler to fix memory leak

tc->serialized* were actually no longer used by anything since the mast compiler was removed. In addition, the memory pointed to by them never got freed.
nine There seems to be only one leak left according to the valgrind gist. And for that we even have a comment showing how to get rid of it: /* XXX make all the statics members of the global MVM instance instead? */ 22:29
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MasterDuke huh. still the one in concatenate_outputs 22:53
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MasterDuke yep. did another run and still the same 23:19