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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1264:
Free malloced data before leaving the function
MoarVM: patrickbkr++ created pull request #1265:
Always handle proc exec arguments verbatim on Windows
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Geth MoarVM: 24f663cf51 | (Daniel Green)++ | src/6model/serialization.c
Free malloced data before leaving the function
MoarVM: 4f08d803f4 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/6model/serialization.c
Merge pull request #1264 from MasterDuke17/cleanup_serialization_output

Free malloced data before leaving the function
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lizmat would now be a good time to do a bump ? 12:29
Altai-man_ lizmat, good enough 12:36
some nice fixes are there, at the very least
lizmat ok, will do 12:42
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MasterDuke jnthn, nine, timotimo, brrt: sena_kun thinks is responsible for the appveyor failures. i don't have a windows machine to test on (or the confidence i could diagnose even if so). anybody mind giving that commit a second look? 13:19
sena_kun I'll now explain my reasoning for this suspect... 13:20
nine MasterDuke: I've given it a close look and the expr JITed versions, too and couldn't find anything wrong
MasterDuke hm
and thanks 13:21
sena_kun the bump which bring in the issue was from 44-g04005cf43 to 47-g3c3ad0678, so on 040005cf43 it worked, but on 3c3ad0678 already not. In between there are three commits: 2252a95df953d7182e2a380dffdfd50e55380bab which is a revert of some fix, 162b68b6b676318901c7baf6fd4c4955710b6f7d which does something with asm and the third is its merge commit. 13:22
linkable6 (2020-03-16) Merge pull request #1259 from MasterDuke17/jit_nextdispatcherfor
(2020-03-15) JIT nextdispatcherfor
jnthn MasterDuke: Probably I can try a Windows build and see if I can reproduce it a bit later today 13:23
sena_kun what I also found suspicious is that this commit added not only case MVM_OP_nextdispatcherfor but also MVM_OP_takenextdispatcher, so maybe it's MVM_OP_takenextdispatcher introduced before who is guilty.
jnthn That's also possible
If it only breaks on Windows I kinda suspect a calling conventions violation (they're different) 13:24
sena_kun the "easy" solution is to just revert them and see if that helps, but I am reluctant to do this because we'll need to do not just a revert, but revert, bump, bump, and if that's pointless then it's for nothing.
And revert it back and bump and bump, then maybe just trying to look for a real reason is cheaper instead of doing a hurry workaround (as we are not in a real critical hurry). 13:25
jnthn Well. 13:26
Updating submodules .................................... List form of pipe open not implemented
MoarVM won't even configure on my machine.
(On Windows, that is.) 13:27
lizmat yikes 13:28
jnthn So much more "let's leave a build to happen while I lunch"... 13:29
Well, bbl
nine BUT
There is an error in the lego JIT implementation for MVM_OP_takenextdispatcher which gets unlocked by 13:30
dogbert17 FWIW, the DU error uncovered by nwc10++ yesterday is caused by
perhaps that is what nine is saying above :) 13:31
Geth MoarVM: 3438ad2a40 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/jit/x64/emit.dasc
Fix copy pasta in lego JIT implementation of takenextdispatcher
lizmat nine++ 14:47
sena_kun lizmat, bump time?
lizmat fine by me :-)
nine sure
Lets hope this fixes the Windows issue 14:48
lizmat ok, coming up
nine: feels like the WIndows issue is a problem in the build process
sena_kun lizmat, no
lizmat no? ok, in that case... whee!
sena_kun lizmat, jnthn has said it's likely a segfault looking at different logs of failures
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Altai-man_ lizmat, do you plan to bump nqp after travis green or? 15:03
lizmat sorry, got distracted while spectesting :-)
bumped now 15:04
Altai-man_ lizmat++
when probably we'll be able to have a release tonight, or maybe closer to tomorrow as blin is required
lizmat looking forward to it! 15:05
Altai-man_ s/when/then/
dogbert17 unsurprisingly the DU error is still present 16:00
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MasterDuke i'm curious, what's the optimization possible here? 23:27
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timotimo can use memcpy if the sizes and signednesses match, can use a tight loop that likely gets compiled to vectorized instructions if it's two MVMArray objects 23:29
since if the other object is an MVMArray too, you can access the other object's body->elems 23:30
MasterDuke hm, still have to copy either way? 23:33
timotimo i don't think you can get around it, yeah 23:34
MasterDuke a large chunk of the allocations that happen during a rakudo compile are from asplice 23:37
timotimo do you have stack traces to go with it, or at least the line numbers / filenames or whatever to go with them? 23:38
MasterDuke 592750 at gen/moar/stage2/QAST.nqp:7015 (/home/dan/Source/perl6/install/share/nqp/lib/QAST.moarvm:add)
593411 at gen/moar/stage2/QAST.nqp:7271 (/home/dan/Source/perl6/install/share/nqp/lib/QAST.moarvm:write_string_heap) 23:39 23:40
i can send you the heaptrack file if you'd like 23:44
that has the moarvm stack traces 23:45
timotimo moarvm stacktraces ar not quite as interesting i think? 23:46
if you're only recording asplice calls 23:47
huh that add function is interesting; checking whether a string is utf8 by going char by char
MasterDuke i only recorded asplice calls after seeing it at the top of the heaptrack data 23:48
timotimo what are those numbers for then? for the add and write_string_heap functions?
MasterDuke oh, number of times called
i added `fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", MVM_exception_backtrace_line(tc, tc->cur_frame, 0, *(tc->interp_cur_op)));` right before the set_size_internal() in asplice() 23:49
timotimo i assume this comes from write_* method calls? 23:50
i mean, those already pre-size the buffer, so the set_size_internal ought to not do anything in many of these cases?
MasterDuke well, heaptrack says 4.3gb allocated by set_size_internal in asplice when building CORE.c 23:51
timotimo but we're not outputting only the calls that actually do an allocation in set_size_internal 23:52
oh, or is that inside a conditional?
that is line 990 of VMArray.c? 23:53
MasterDuke yep
timotimo hm actually
we can totally have a variant of set_size_internal that doesn't have to worry about nulling out slots 23:54
that we can use when we know we're going to write over them anyway
the initial setelems for $foo and then 0 will have nulled everything out already
then we're just pasting data in there from start to end
write_buf at least could always use that, asplice perhaps as well 23:55
it'll not be terribly much efficiency we'd win, but *shrugs* every little bit helps right? 23:57