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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 07:52
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jnthn o/ 09:22
Altai-man_ o/ 09:23
jnthn, don't want to be pushy, but slack please (not a command to slack, though if you want to...) 09:24
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nwc10 \o 09:43
MasterDuke hm. `my @a = ^1000; my @b; for ^1_000 { @b = @a.rotate(3); }; say @b.head` causes 2040708 to MVM_spesh_arg_guard_run. that seems like a few more than there should be? 09:53
jnthn Well, there's a million elements to process, that's 2 arg guard checks per element 09:55
"should be" is kinda hard to say; does it run faster with spesh disabled? If not, it's coming out ahead even wit them. 09:56
Of course it's nice when it can do specialization linking and avoid it.
MasterDuke if i increase the for look to 10k, with spesh is about 0.5s faster, ~5.8s instead of ~6.3s 09:59
*for loop
but a perf report shows more time in MVM_spesh_arg_guard_run and resolve_using_guards than most other code 10:00
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MasterDuke and this is the code that has a weird discrepancy between what a --profile shows and a spesh log says. fwiw, the profile says 50% of time is spent in interpreted code 10:03
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MasterDuke and the other 50% in jitted code, 0% in specialized 10:05
no change with BLOCKING and NODELAY 10:06
jnthn What about disable? 10:10
e.g. are we looking at a situation where spesh makes things worse, or just could do better than it currently does?
(Agree something sounds a bit off, but coming out ahead is still coming out ahead... :))
In the end, though, the spesh arg guard selects a specialization that depends on those guards, and that in turn means it's absorbing the cost of parameter type checking and probably other type checks in the original code. 10:14
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MasterDuke disabling spesh is 0.5s slower (when the loop is 10k instead of 1k) 10:16
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MasterDuke so yes, spesh is helping, it just seems to be sub-optimal somehow 10:17
fwiw, has a count of current_node values at the end of each iteration of, if this info can be useful somehow 10:21
how/where does a profile know that a function was speshed or jitted? 12:06
lizmat MasterDuke: how does that compare to my @a = ^1000; my @b; for ^1000 { @b = * + 1 } 12:08
that passes the same .push-all / .push path, afaik, but it *does* spesh and makes the .push only .02% of CPU or so 12:09
MasterDuke yeah, i see that 12:11
jnthn MasterDuke: optimize.c in spesh rewrites the profile enter ops, iirc 12:13
MasterDuke: To call a "we're profiled" vesrion 12:14
oops, we're specialized
And then the JIT emits them as "we're jitted" :)
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MasterDuke jnthn: ? 12:16
timotimo and the jit jits "enterspesh" to pass "entered via jit" instead 12:17
jnthn yes, that looks like it
MasterDuke is there an easy way to log the function name at that point?
i.e., via a printf
jnthn probably g->sf->
You'll need to call the thingy to turn it into a C string first 12:18
MasterDuke k, thanks
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jnthn, what next... 12:18
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jnthn At first I figured I could think about my ideas for changing how callstack is used (so we can have non-frame things on it) until I actually needed resumable dispatchers. 12:20
uh, put off, not think about :) 12:21
Wonder where I was originally going with that sentence...
Anyway, I started looking into capture transformations and so forth and figure I'll need working space for those beyond the immediate boring cases.
So it probably comes sooner rather than later. 12:22
(Latest notes on the capture stuff are at ) 12:23
nwc10 jnthn: "what next..." surely is one of "coffee", "lunch" or "beer" depending on what time of the day, er, morning, it is. 12:25
jnthn I already did coffee and lunch :) 12:26
MasterDuke hm. there's only one push hit in that example. it shows up at optimize_bb_switch 22 times. when profiling, it hits the case linked above 2 times
nwc10 you're allowed "walk" under the current rules?
jnthn Yes
So long as I'm wearing a face covering.
nwc10 "washing up" seems to be a thing too
jnthn I think I'll implement the new capture representation, and see where that takes me :) 12:27
MasterDuke so why would the profile think it wasn't speshed at all?
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jnthn I actually arrived at working thinking about a beer walk to work coincided with the big brewery I walk near making a batch and the wind direction being correct to carry it to where I walk :) 12:28
MasterDuke i have one of those small home-brew kits. i have about a gallon of irish stout sitting right next to me that i need to check if it's ready to be bottled 12:29
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MasterDuke lizmat: interesting, that push isn't being called for the code in the loop. it's creating the initial array from the range 12:36
well, in the case of rotate it's also getting hit there. but in the other examples it's just create the initial array 12:37
lizmat so you're saying it's reifying every time ?
MasterDuke maybe? 12:38
lizmat sticking in a @a[999] before the loop, doesn't seem to change it 12:39
MasterDuke it seems to perform the type specialization after 1000 hits. so i thought that might explain why it wasn't shown as speshed/jitted initially, since we were only creating a 1k array 12:40
lizmat afk for a bit& 12:41
MasterDuke but that doesn't actually make sense, because in the rotate example it's also being hit in the loop body, and the profile shows 1001000 calls
Geth MoarVM/new-disp: 1f7e27a5c5 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 8 files
Stub in new MVMCapture REPR and BOOTCapture

To be used as part of the new dispatch mechanism, and will eventually take over from the current MVMCallCapture (which will, when it's no longer needed, be removed).
jnthn I'm steadily coming to terms with the fact that all of argument processing is going to have to change, and I'll need two versions of it... 12:56
(for the migration period)
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MasterDuke a profile of `my @a = ^2_000; my @b; for ^1_000 { @b = @a.rotate(3); }; say @b.head` shows 2001172 logs of push with mode MVM_PROFILE_ENTER_NORMAL, 656 logs of mode MVM_PROFILE_ENTER_JIT_INLINE, and 172 logs of mode MVM_PROFILE_ENTER_JIT 13:04
jnthn Is there any evidence in the spesh log of it not rewriting the profile instruction properly?
(Note: there may be multiple specializations of it) 13:05
MasterDuke nothing it jumping out at me 13:09
first instruction in BB of after for 'push' is prof_enterspesh 13:15
BB 1 13:16
lizmat jnthn: if all of argument processing is going to change, would that be an opportunity to fix some dispatch quirks ? 13:45
m: multi a($a) { "one" }; multi a($a, *%_) { "two" }; a 42 # specifically 13:46
camelia Ambiguous call to 'a(Int)'; these signatures all match:
:($a, *%_)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
jnthn lizmat: Argument processing at the VM level, which is well below the decision making of the multi-dispatcher 13:56
lizmat ok
jnthn Having played with some ideas for a while, I think I've found a way to have all of 1) no copying to a temporary argument buffer in the common case, 2) no branching in argument fetch instructions depending on if the args we get came directly from the dispatch instruction or via a capture/flattening/whatever, and 3) a quite simple design. 13:59
moritz that sounds pretty awesome! 14:02
now let's hope that step 3 doesn't involve solving the halting problem :D
MasterDuke nice 14:05
jnthn I'm gonna get funny looks for it 'cus it also involves an array of the form [0,1,2,3,4,...] :) 14:06
nine starts practicing his funny looks 14:10
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jnthn Written up here: 14:55
(as much because writing it up helps me get the idea straight in my head...)
I figure that flattening results will also be something that lives on our (soon to be more genearl purpose) call stack. 15:03
*general, gah :)
So, next question: how much does today's arg handling code need to change to deal with this... :) 15:16
MasterDuke if you care about editing corrections: "the destination of the call will will", "brining the baggage of argument processing" (i prefer picked arguments), "expanded flattening arguemnts" 15:18
jnthn No, I don't really
It's my personal notes that I'm sharing as go :) 15:19
*as I go
I'll spend some time turning appropriate parts into docs when I'm through.
nine Your personal notes tend to end up as our only documentation ;)
MasterDuke arg, and i even had a typo in my snide comment!
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MasterDuke so the after speshed version of push does in fact have prof_enterspesh, and says at the end "Specialization took ..." and "JIT was successful ...". push is called a couple million times, so is it somehow not getting the new optimized version? something about the guard tree? 15:31
jnthn Maybe, or something inappropriate about the call site (like flattening)? 15:32
Currently if the call flattens args, no spesh for you 15:33
(Thus why flattening is moving to being the first step with `dispatch`)
MasterDuke in push's BB 7: "prepargs callsite(0x7f28000356c0, 2 arg, 2 pos, nonflattening, interned)" 15:37
that was in the before, no mention at all in the after 15:38
jnthn ah, then it was inlined
MasterDuke push inlines assign-scalar-no-whence-no-typecheck. later push-all inlines push 15:39
push is just 3 BBs in its after state 15:40
oops, four, the numbering starts at 0 15:41
don't think i've ever looked at a spesh log taken while profiling (it's usually one or the other), but it's nice to see the prof_enters and prof_enterinlines, and the paired prof_exits 15:43
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timotimo - beautiful, and probably applies very well to comp sci 15:53
jnthn :D
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Geth MoarVM/new-disp: 8e5095262d | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 13 files
Prepare the way for new args handling

Split the param context up into legacy, new, and common parts. Go through all the places broken by this. In most of them, panic if we shouldn't be there with non-legacy args, or if we didn't implement handling of dispatch args. In some places, update them with handling for the new dispatch args approach too. ... (7 more lines)
jnthn Took a bit of doing, but probably the best migration strategy 17:44
And gets me to a point where I think that my path to having the `dispatch` callback of a built-in dispatcher being called is "just write code" 17:46
And getting beyond *that* point means I need to actually work out how the dispatch program representation will look. :) 17:48
Anyways, home time, I think 17:50
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1283:
Fix the order of some MVM_calloc arguments
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MasterDuke should this template exist? 21:52
the lego jit doesn't have a prof_enter implementation, so i guess it'll never be called. but isn't the point of calling MVM_profile_log_enter with MVM_PROFILE_ENTER_NORMAL to mean it was interpreted? 21:54
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timotimo oh, that should definitely not be ENTER_NORMAL 22:36
but it's also not supposed to be survive speshing nor jitting 22:37
MasterDuke and templates don't get called without a lego jit implementation, right? 22:39
timotimo no, a template can be used even if the lego jit doesn't have anything for it 22:40
MasterDuke ah. well, changing it to MVM_PROFILE_ENTER_JIT didn't change anything about a profile of that rotate example 22:42
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1284:
Use correct mode when JITting prof_enter
timotimo OK 22:53
MasterDuke i'm still trying to figure out why that push isn't being reported as speshed or jitted 22:58
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Geth MoarVM: 565e55ce17 | (Daniel Green)++ | 3 files
Fix the order of some MVM_calloc arguments

It's number of elements then size.
MoarVM: c4917b192b | (Jonathan Worthington)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
Merge pull request #1283 from MasterDuke17/fix_order_of_calloc_arguments

Fix the order of some MVM_calloc arguments