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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1287:
Remove commented out profiler code
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Geth MoarVM: 03c9154e8c | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/profiler/instrument.c
Remove commented out profiler code (#1287)

No longer used/needed after 269d307a85d1fdfa3752401c228d477d14b27c13 and a487900299788cc95a1bfb9462107d0e4550ecfc.
linkable6 MOARVM#1287 [closed]: Remove commented out profiler code
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patrickb MasterDuke: Is there anything to look out for when doing a libtommath bump? I'd like to get fixed. 17:12
sena_kun patrickb, it must support musl. :D 17:14
MasterDuke patrickb: we have two commits on top of v1.2.0 that probably need to be brought along 17:15
i don't think they have a new release, that commit was just to their develop branch 17:16
so we could just cherry-pick it
patrickb MasterDuke: So cherry pick + push to MoarVM/libtommath and then a bump of the submodule should be fine? 17:18
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MasterDuke pretty much. fyi, i think we're technically on a branch i created off of the upstream v1.2.0 tag (and then added some commits to), so maybe it makes sense to stay on that branch 18:04
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patrickz MasterDuke: I created a PR for the libtommath bump: 22:18
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