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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
nwc10 good *, #moarvm 05:23
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nwc10 OK, so I decided to cheat, and built the setting with a known working moarvm. and (after more cheating) I can run -e0 10:02
and t/01-sanity/18-simple-multisubs.t fails
(and then a bunch more)
but it's failing like this
Can't use unknown trait 'is' -> 'onlystar' in a sub declaration.
which looks very similar to the crazy in (failing) to build the setting 10:03
timotimo yeah that's a multi dispatch failure reported as "you wanted something that doesn't exist" 10:07
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nwc10 and the testcase reduces to 10:19
multi sub foo () {}
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timotimo nice 11:28
i just patched the visualizer to ignore heaps that have a size of 0 in their entry 12:17
though i must assume i'll be missing important data
firefox is having trouble opening the file ..?! 12:19
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timotimo 12:24
so what does this tell me, i wonder
Red areas are memory locations in use. 12:27
Gray areas are free locations, but not released back to the kernel.
White areas are freed to the kernel.
so i think that means a malloc_trim ought to release about 33.5 megabytes of memory to the kernel? 12:28
the visualizer writes out every little square as its own png, all of them are only a few bytes big, but use 4 kilobytes on disk because reasons 12:29
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timotimo tried to include, but facing a couple of issues there as well, and the output isn't graphical, it's pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of output 14:00
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timotimo you are supposed to call heap_init before calling malloc or calloc, but ltrd calls it already before your own binary even gets to have its entry point invoked 14:30
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