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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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timotimo random observation of the day: we don't spesh MVM_BOOL_MODE_CALL_METHOD yet, and it uses special_return, causing many short-lived small allocations via malloc; the special return data doesn't have a field for "size" yet, though, so can't just use the fsa for it. we can, however, put in a sneaky little cache that could hold one blob of memory for special return data in the thread context 01:45
optimum would of course be to spesh directly to an invocation that can then be inlined
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 05:17
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jnthn timotimo: I think the special return is going to move onto the callstack 09:08
timotimo: And it can be a variable size frame and allocate what it wants to there
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timotimo ah yes, that's a natural place to put it 11:45
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nwc10 I don't know what I'm doing. So I'm going to make a cup of tea. 12:58
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timotimo whenever i don't know what i'm doing, the cat comes and lies down on my desk to get scritches. where "i don't know what to do" is defined by "not being able to use my second hand because it's currently scritching the cat" 13:08
[Coke] I feel like I've lost the art of that (going and doing something else because I'm temporarily blocked) because of working-from-home 13:09
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[Coke] (having 5 straight hours of calls doesn't help) 13:15
lizmat goes out cycling for 1+ hour pretty each day since the lockdown
it helps
[Coke] I need to do *something* to get out. :| 13:19
lizmat I can tell you, cycling is doing something (especially as I do *not* have an ebike) 13:24
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Geth_ MoarVM/2020.07: 74a44f1ac9 | Altai-man++ | docs/ChangeLog
Update ChangeLog for 2020.07 release
MoarVM/2020.07: d2346d44ad | Altai-man++ | VERSION
Bump VERSION for release
timotimo i wonder if the 6model change should go in the spesh section 18:21
Geth_ MoarVM: Altai-man++ created pull request #1328:
2020.07 release
MoarVM/2020.07: f35ccc92a9 | Altai-man++ | docs/ChangeLog
Add missing comma
patrickb Whoot! Release is happening! Altai-man++! 18:22
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Geth_ MoarVM/master: 4 commits pushed by Altai-man++ 18:22
timotimo not terribly many changes this time around, everything's in branches 18:24
sena_kun Yes, the release is not so big this time, though I still managed to get in troubles. 18:26
tellable6 2020-07-20T17:52:54Z #raku-dev <patrickb> sena-kun: Is the release now unblocked?
patrickb Well, basically *I* managed to get you in troubles... 18:27
sena_kun patrickb, you rescued the release with your fix. ;)
Anyway, moar is mostly done, now fun with rakudo starts... Hopefully it'll be faster than usual this time. 18:28
patrickb I'm still not completely sure the fallout was caused by the fix for `--profile` id did, but it's the most obvious candidate. In any case I definitely didn't see the fallout coming when merging the PR so close to the release. 18:29
But still - It was probably me... 18:30
Geth_ MoarVM: b56e62f18b | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | docs/
Fix markup
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lizmat # Raku Community to elect Raku Steering Council 19:28
nine lizmat: I just realized: the Raku "core team" consists of committers to an implementation, but not of committers to the language, i.e. roast 19:50
lizmat hmmm... 19:51
adding committers to roast to the election, would be .. interesting?
but you have a point! 19:52
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[Coke] looks like the test file names have gotten out of alpha order over the years. 21:11
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