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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:35
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jnthn morning o/ 09:04
nwc10 \o 09:05
jnthn Oh my goodness. When I collected my coffee off the machine I was like "huh, fuller than usual". I've drunk half of it before it dawned on me...I probably put the mug there while it was performing its rinsing... 09:23
nwc10 oh, bonus flavour :-( 09:25
I've only witnessed the work machine do that once
but I have also saved at least one cup from that fate
jnthn It does it every time it starts up, but since we never put milk through it and it only rinses with water, it's probably fine.
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[Coke] jnthn: I was so tired a few weeks ago I added gatorade powder to my brewed coffee instead of the water bottle sitting next to it 13:51
Thankfully I realized it before I drank it
jnthn I've no idea what gatorade powder tastes like, but I'm guessing "bad if combined with coffee" :) 13:52
[Coke] turns water into "sports drink" 13:53
jnthn oh, that could indeed be a weird combo
.oO( at least it would be iso-tonic :-)
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timotimo briefly surfaces 16:41
lizmat waves 16:43
[Coke] yo yo 16:46
jnthn o/ timotimo
nwc10 \o timotimo 16:47
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