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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:32
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nine Good coffee time! 07:11
nwc10 yes, apart from the point when I spilled a bit 07:16
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jnthn I pressed the hot water button instead of the coffee button. This is not useful. 09:12
nwc10 just add tea 09:13
jnthn I realized before it produced much water ("huh, this coffee looks weak") :)
nwc10 or alternative "decaf lite"!
jnthn And there is a cancel button :)
timotimo praise the engineers for offering the ability to retry 09:15
nwc10 it was an Abort Retry Fail 09:16
moritz Abort To Orbit :D 09:21
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timotimo if it feels like you're sent into orbit, then what you just made wasn't coffee 10:25
MasterDuke canceling coffee is sort of like a deopt, right? 10:35
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jnthn wonders if lunch will have made him any smarter... 12:09
Getting all the bits lined up for resume is tricky
nwc10 you're resuming new-disp with resume? 12:10
jnthn Indeed
It's the big missing piece 12:11
And it's not just about "make it work" but also "make it work decently fast" 12:12
And make it specialize well, both with and without inlining
nwc10 and you have to solve all these at the same time? 12:13
jnthn And dealing with the fact that callsame is the actual point that we do the `resume`, but that's megamorphic and the place we'd really like to attach any kind of PIC to is a level up
Well, yes if I don't want to throw lots away later. 12:14
I don't have to actually implement all the spesh/inline bits right off, but I need to know what, approximately, it should do
nwc10 ah right. yes, that sort of design skill - "this looks like it's the right direction" 12:15
"no obvious traps"
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jnthn That plus wanting relatively few mechanisms that solve many problems, rather than lots of special-case stuff 12:19
Which'd be a pity to end up with at this point, given how nicely general the mechanism is up to this point in time
Also because it's easier to optimize something without too many semantic details 12:20
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Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1352:
Simplify and optimize isprime_I
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jnthn MasterDuke: We ended up with libtommath partly out of license concerns (although LGPL is probably OK; I always forget exactly what it enforces), but in a bigger part because of libtommath being far easier to build across platforms. 15:02
MasterDuke: Of note, stock gmp doesn't build on the MSVC compiler. 15:03
There is these days a fork that does:
(Noting that at the time MSVC was my primary compiler, and there was no way there was time to go and shave that yak) 15:05
Phew, I think I've finally got most of a design that might actually work out 15:13
And doesn't have the implementation problems my first idea had
Well, first N ideas :) 15:16
Think I'll sleep on this and have a got at implementation starting tomorrow.
*go 15:17
MasterDuke jnthn: thanks, useful info 15:21
[Coke] wonders why hacktoberfest repo is not using artistic. 15:35
MasterDuke fwiw, seems more up-to-date 15:37
jnthn ah, nice :) 16:12
Given that exists, we maybe can think about a move to gmp, though of course it needs a vict^Wvolunteer... 16:13
And it's indeed a non-small task
MasterDuke my guess is that getting it integrated into the build is going to be more work than the code changes 16:14
since we aren't doing very complicated math ourselves, mostly just offering a passthrough to their functions 16:15
jnthn Yeah, mine too
Build stuff is always horrible :(
MasterDuke yeah. i would be interested in attempting the code changes, but not sure if i want to try and get it building... 16:17
i wonder how much work it would be to just get it building locally, make any necessary code changes, and then leave it up to someone else to do the full build integration 16:19
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tobs Out of curiosity, what would be required build-integration-wise to use GMP? Looking at, you look for a system libtommath and otherwise build the bundled one, right? Are there any unusual snares here or is it "this must work on all operating systems" kind of worries? 18:39
tobs just made Perl "alien" modules for many things at work, including a custom version of GMP 18:40
nwc10 I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming it's just the two you say - use a system one if found, and then "must work on all operating systems" 18:44
tobs oh, it seems that all 3rdparty libraries currently bundled are pretty simple to build, judging from GMP would definitely need more encouragement from there but I'm inclined to try. 18:53
MasterDuke oooo, that would be very cool 18:55
tobs: how long do you think it would take you? 19:08
tobs MasterDuke: I already started, but I have to understand too. This would be my first contribution to moar. In total I'd say 24 hours from now there is either a first candidate or I have discovered how hard it really is :P 19:11
MasterDuke oh nice, no complaints here! 19:12
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MasterDuke then i'm not even going to bother trying to get a local only build right now 19:12
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[Coke] tobs++ 19:32
jnthn tobs++ MasterDuke++ 19:44
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tobs I just had the weirdest thing happen to me. While compiling moar my laptop wanted to go into hibernation but froze instead. For 30 minutes I tried every mechanism on the web to get out of this cleanly because this is my work laptop with 12 workspaces and 200 days uptime worth of shell history, if nothing else, and an encrypted disk that would not be cleanly unmounted. 21:19
After 30 minutes and no avail I held down the power button for 5s and rebooted. Amazingly, when it started back up, it continued right where it apparently failed to hibernate, all workspaces and files intact (as far as I can see). 21:20
jnthn Phew
AlexDaniel tobs: how about using infinite bash history? 21:21
timotimo it could have been "suspend to both" where it suspends to ram but also to disk
AlexDaniel something like 21:22
export HISTSIZE=''
export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups:erasedups # avoid duplicates
shopt -s histappend # append history entries
tobs AlexDaniel: I do but it still won't survive a system crash where it is never written to disk.
jnthn I wish my work machine would manage 200 days without freezing up (I get a week or two :/). Pretty sure it's something graphics related, given I get some fascinating mis-renders of things shortly before a lot of them.
AlexDaniel tobs: ohhh that's probably true
timotimo mis-renderings can often be a heat related thing
jnthn Hm, interesting. 21:23
timotimo this is a desktop machine? nvidia or amd gpu or intel built-in graphics? 21:24
tobs Guess this also calls for a refresher backup to appease the computer gods :)
timotimo there's usualy a simple-ish way to get at the gpu temperature
jnthn timotimo: Desktop. Completely forgot and not at the machine right now to check, though pretty sure not built-in. 21:25
AlexDaniel tobs: maybe also something like this?
tobs: I remember losing the last few command and being really bummed when having to type them again :D
timotimo i have a munin set up just for fun, i get graphs of, among other things, temperatures for years and such
AlexDaniel doing this in PROMPT_COMMAND feels a bit sketchy to me, but hey it should work 21:26
jnthn But yeah, I'd just assumed dodgy graphics driver or something else in the graphics stack (it seems to render stuff in the wrong places, like rendering bits of a different browser tab in another tab, etc.) Heat is an interesting idea. 21:27
AlexDaniel jnthn: if it freezes up because of graphics, shouldn't it be possible to SSH to it anyway? 21:28
jnthn I was going to add "always seems to be Chrome", then realized that everything else I have is either a terminal or an IntelliJ (or such) instance.
AlexDaniel not necessarily if the kernel freaks out because of it, but still
jnthn AlexDaniel: Didn't try, though I'm not sure what'd be possible even if I can. 21:30
Maybe I should try not running an Ubuntu that's barely still in support also... :)
MasterDuke i had some excitement this morning after applying a bios update. it rebooted and lost my modified boot order so it booted off my old drive. i had cloned the old onto the new, so i didn't immediately notice. but something was a little off (wrong bash history) and i rebooted and selected the write drive order and everything was fine 21:31
AlexDaniel MasterDuke: xD
MasterDuke hm. i should wipe the old drive now that everything has been fine for 8 months so this doesn't happen again 21:32
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jnthn Why oh why does the checks page have the text "Check failure on line 180 in Build log" and then you click it and end up on the files changed tab? :/ 21:56
Talking about
Then hidden at the bottom is the link to the azure page to actually see what's up 21:57
Anyway, there's an NQP test failure 21:58
MasterDuke jnthn: yeah, the test is calling nqp::isprime_I with two args. locally i just removed the second (now un-needed) arg and it passes 21:59
jnthn ah, I see
Rakudo will need a patch also? 22:00
MasterDuke yep, just removing the ',100' here 22:01
jnthn 'k
I'll look over the PR properly tomorrow. 22:02
MasterDuke cool, i should be around in the evening
jnthn Will have a crack at implementing the latest dispatch resumption design tomorrow, to find out why this variant won't work... 22:05
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