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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine MasterDuke: patching gmp to fix issues means that we can't use an already installed gmp 06:57
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MasterDuke nine: true. we have patches on a couple of our 3rdparty libraries, some of them are for building, which obviously doesn't matter for --has-foo, but i don't think they all are. we don't test --has-* in CI do we? 07:49
nwc10 good *, #moarvm 07:51
MasterDuke i think i'm going to go with just '*' today 07:53
nwc10 OK. I hope that tomorrow is better
MasterDuke likewise, fighting a cold for the past week. they usually only last a day or two 07:54
ok, all nqp tests pass (quick hack of ucing the string if the base is > 10) 07:57
down to two failed tests in rakudo's tests and 20 files with fails in a spectest 08:02
huh. two TODOs passed in t/spec/S02-types/int-uint.rakudo.moar
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MasterDuke ugh. i'm not sure i can fix any of the other problems until i figure out why some bigints are going to zero. e.g., `say +(42 xx 2**99)` gives 0, no idea why 13:08
lizmat xx ? 13:34
aren't we limited to 64bIt wrt to lengths of nqp::lists ? 13:35
shouldn't that just horribly die? or is that your point ?
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MasterDuke m: say +(42 xx 2**99) 13:48
camelia Cannot .elems a lazy list
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
MasterDuke yeah, returning 0 is just all kinds of wrong
the 2**99 is being calculated correctly, but then it's actually getting into elems of src/6model/reprs/VMArray.c and body->elems is 0 (that part isn't really surprising) 13:49
i just haven't figured out what's going wrong in the middle 13:50
m: say so 42 xx 2⁹⁹⁹⁹⁹ # though is this really correct? 13:54
camelia True
MasterDuke i guess cause it's a sequence it's ok 13:55
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dogbert17 if the MVM_SPESH_CHECK_PRESELECTION is set here,, and it triggers a warning 15:19
when running e.g. t/spec/S06-operator-overloading/circumfix.t is that a bug or something which can be safely ignored? 15:20
MasterDuke the current diff if anybody wants to look 15:42
tobs MasterDuke: that comment seems outdated now? 15:46
MasterDuke tobs: ha, right. though i hope that code will change again 15:54
if that is the way we end up dealing with gmp returning lowercase values then it'd probably be faster to just uppercase the c str directly, instead of doing it to the MVMString 16:00
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nwc10 good *, brrt 19:57
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timotimo nwc10: does your DISPLAY_MODE_NONE have a typo in it %) 20:20
nwc10 oh yes. oops. 20:22
but I need to go to bed.
well spotted.
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