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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:38
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timotimo nwc10: MVMHash's unmanaged_size will want to know the size of allocations for metadata and entries btw 09:33
nwc10 OK 09:36
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MasterDuke interesting. gmp and tommath have different values in the limbs/digits for the same bigint. that explains whey MVM_bigint_div_num isn't giving the same result 14:30
for 248511577754725765407, gmp has 13 and 8703904796501594399, but tommath has 215 and 633454264253665567 14:32
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timotimo m: .base(16).say for <248511577754725765407 13 8703904796501594399 215 633454264253665567> 14:38
camelia D78CA7B4C124BD11F
MasterDuke if i wasn't thinking through a fog that might not have taken so long to figure out. and i might have an idea of what to do next. how do i use ^^^ to do this correctly? 14:47
where instead of `d += a->dp[i];` i now have `d += mpz_getlimbn(a, i);` 14:49
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brrt ohai pamplemousse :-) 20:27
pamplemousse o/ brrt :)
brrt your connection appears a bit intermittent
pamplemousse Yep, thick cinderblock walls, unfortunately 20:28
brrt how are you doing? 20:32
pamplemousse Doing decently! Just started a new job about a month back, which is both extremely interesting, and allows for better work/life balance, which has been really nice 20:33
How about you? How are things?
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brrt OK overall. 20:55
pamplemousse Any fun new developments in the world of JIT compilation for MoarVM since I've last been around? 21:14
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timotimo maybe not exactly in the jit realm, but our "new dispatcher" stuff that jn is working on is interesting 21:34
oh pamplemousee would you like to take my "build an appimage with a rakudo and an application" prototype and make it actually good?
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pamplemousse timotimo: I'd be happy to take a look at it! Could you point me to it? 23:19
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Geth MoarVM: thundergnat++ created pull request #1359:
Update MoarVM to Unicode 13.0, 13.1