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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
Geth MoarVM/master: 7 commits pushed by thundergnat++, (Samantha McVey)++ 00:16
nwc10 \o/ 08:01
good *, #moarvm
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timotimo good nwc 09:34 check it :D 09:38
MasterDuke nice. i assume you didn't create that manually? 09:39
timotimo: btw, did you see i marked you as a reviewer on ? i figure you have the most knowledge of the line coverage stuff and might have a suggestion for a better presentation 09:42
timotimo i very briefly looked at it; was there an example output? 09:50
currently only have my laptop and it'll struggle a little with the spec test i imagine
MasterDuke heh, i forgot to mention it's also a bit faster, but yeah, i can upload a sample 10:01
timotimo cool 10:19
MasterDuke PR updated 10:22
timotimo where's my "make small-spectest"? :D
"make chilltest"
MasterDuke you can just make a single roast file 10:24
timotimo right 10:25
this makes it even more desirable to filter out "things basically every run does" like the "set_composalizer"
or perhaps just to limit the number of "covered by files" that we output 10:26
in any case, this ought to be useful! 10:27
wow i think i overflowed my /tmp 10:29
oh, quite possibly because it also spat out spesh logs 10:30
that's no good
MasterDuke yeah, if you have any suggestions on how to make it better i'm all ears 10:34
oh, i have a list of filename:linenumber, but it could be a list of filename:linenumbers. e.g., instead of a:1, a:3, b:4, b:5 it could be a:1,3; b:4,5 10:47
that would be smaller
timotimo oh, right, that could be a good first optimization 10:49
MasterDuke hm, unfortunately i'm not seeing a huge repetition in filenames on individual lines 10:54
not sure which is better. leave the awkwardly long lines there because they may have useful information? or cut off at some arbitrary small number because the user probably won't care beyond that point? 11:06
timotimo here's an idea: you can have a <span title="all the long text">+ 50 more</span> in the HTML 11:09
MasterDuke and it'll show "all the long text" if you hover over the "+ 50 more" or something like that? 11:11
timotimo yes
MasterDuke cool
timotimo though also i believe if you have a screen reader, it will always read that out
so ... not the greatest maybe
MasterDuke well, i am in favor of accessibility (and i saw the problems second-hand when i had a blind coworker), but i don't know how many blind raku programmers generating and reading coverage reports there are. it's not the most publicized tool we have 11:13
timotimo there could be a tiny js snippet that just tosses all the titles out 11:16
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MasterDuke timotimo: think it's important enough to figure something out before merging? 16:41
lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 16:53
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nwc10 good *, brrt 19:42
good *, [Coke]
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[Coke] hio 20:07
how goes?
nwc10 OK. Someone appears to have booby-trapped the beer fridge with some 7% bottles that look just like the regular stuff. Clearly a first world problem. 20:09
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nwc10 closest known COVID case is now 50m away 20:10
(down from 200m earlier today)
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timotimo the horror that creeps closer and closer ever so slowly 20:12
MasterDuke heh, i've started to get used to the beers here in the UK being a little lower percentage ABV than US beers. and then i tried a particular variety of a cider i liked, liked this new variety even more so had another. something seemed a little off, and then i realized this variety is 7% 20:16
nwc10 :-) 20:17
MasterDuke and since it comes in 500ml bottles, unlike most US beers, i usually stick to just one
timotimo cider in the US doesn't have alcohol in it i thought? 20:18
MasterDuke we have hard cider also
not as popular as in the UK 20:19
we were just on a short holiday in cornwall last weekend and the waiter recommended a local cider. surprisingly it tasted almost exactly like US non-alcoholic cider, but was actually 6%. that could be a rude awakening for someone a couple bottle in... 20:21
timotimo ha 20:23
imagine your young child orders a cider and nobody knows about alcoholic cider being called "cider"
MasterDuke yeah, i hope they usually warn people with US accents 20:25
nwc10 I'm trying to keep mine thinking that booze tastes bad. I encourage them to smell whisky, etc
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timotimo yeah, booze does taste bad tho 20:28
MasterDuke the oldest (3.5y) has never really expressed an interest
she's asked once or twice what we're drinking, and we just say it's something for adults. but we say that about coffee, caffeinated tea, etc., so i don't think she thinks of alcoholic drinks in a separate category 20:30
[Coke] BEER FRIDGE 20:31
(sorry, just saw your note and was reminded I have one about 2m away from me.)
shame it's so (*@&#$ cold here now.
(going to hit 0C by 7pm) 20:32
MasterDuke one beer fridge or one covid case 2m away? 20:34
[Coke] beer fridge. I don't know where the nearest covid case is, which I think is a good thing
nwc10 so do I. Knowing that the neighbours of the neighbours have it is a bit unnerving 20:37
[Coke] we had a few kids show up for halloween and the scariest thing was KIDS SHOWING UP 20:40
[Coke] thinks he should go refill the beer fridge before the election tomorrow. :| 20:41
nwc10 with gin?
[Coke] I don't get that reference, but I do have gin in the house. 20:42
nwc10 just that it's much stronger than beer, for the same volume
[Coke] about 5m from car here is a beverage mart (beer, soda) and a package store (wine, spirits)
nwc10: ah, nice
nwc10 beer fridge - 2m
mart - 5m
[Coke] different ms. 20:43
nwc10 you are trying to confuse us :-)
[Coke] american units are the wurst.
2 meters to the fridge, 5 minutes to the store
nwc10 oh.
I thought you meant 5 miles
[Coke] ... ish. 20:47
[Coke] fires up gmap
8 minutes, 4.5 miles. 20:48
so, sure round both to "5m". :)
nwc10 indeed
[Coke] ugh. instead I think I'll make a tea. 20:52
brrt good *, nwc10, [Coke] 21:16
tellable6 2020-10-28T19:35:38Z #moarvm <nwc10> brrt 21:17
brrt that's pretty cool 21:21
good on them
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timotimo yeah pretty nice 21:33
and that low memory overhead, too!
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