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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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Geth_ MoarVM/2020.11: 62c565f1fc | Altai-man++ | docs/ChangeLog
Update ChangeLog for 2020.11 release
MoarVM/2020.11: a840ddd7d9 | Altai-man++ | VERSION
Bump VERSION for release
MoarVM: Altai-man++ created pull request #1388:
Altai-man Oh dammit. This was insanely dangerous... 11:48
Geth_ MoarVM/2020.11: 955358c777 | Altai-man++ | docs/ChangeLog
Update ChangeLog for 2020.11 release
MoarVM/2020.11: 058b8377b7 | Altai-man++ | VERSION
Bump VERSION for release
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sena_kun Yay. 12:12
Geth_ MoarVM: 955358c777 | Altai-man++ | docs/ChangeLog
Update ChangeLog for 2020.11 release
MoarVM: 058b8377b7 | Altai-man++ | VERSION
Bump VERSION for release
MoarVM: ca5d19d21e | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #1388 from MoarVM/2020.11

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sena_kun nwc10, ping? 12:22
nwc10 I'm mostly not here. 12:27
It this an easy question? :-)
"sure. All questions are easy. It's only the answers that are hard"
sena_kun nwc10, VERY EASY. :) 12:28
nwc10, any preferences how do you want to be named in rakudo contributors in changelog? The script says just "nwc10", but maybe you want something different like name or?
nwc10 "Nicholas Clark"
sena_kun Oh, thank you! 12:29
Previous releases actually generated that.
nwc10 There's some silly reason why I'm fine with all of Nick, Nicholas, or Nicholas Clark
but not the 4th one you could figure from that list :-)
sena_kun And it is even mentioned above, just repeated as `nwc10`, heh.
nwc10 Thanks for all the good work in keeping releases flowing. 12:30
sena_kun nwc10, have a nice rest on this weekend!
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MasterDuke how about particularly around line 3177? any missing MVMROOTs? i don't know how `REPR(orig_obj)->gc_free(tc, orig_obj)` interacts with anything 18:40
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nine MasterDuke: no, because of 18:50
In general, serialization and deserialization run with gen2 allocation active 18:51
MasterDuke arg, didn't notice that, thanks
want a copy of this rr recording? 18:57
nine Honestly, I'd rather not. Though at some point (probably several months ago) I should really reconsider the cost/benefit of in-process precompilation 19:10
I let so many things fall by the wayside in the hopes that after this one issue I'll finally have made it 19:12
MasterDuke heh, no worries. i may give up this particular bug for a while. there's a new problem with that's cropped up after rebasing to HEAD, still needs debugging, and the gmp branch is still not mergeable 20:11
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