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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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timotimo nine: does that already get handled with rakuast being interpretable completely without a compilation step, and rakuast being serializable without trouble? 18:45
that'll also save us the parsing, at the very least 18:48
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nwc10 jnthn: were you assuming that I should merge ? 19:38
MasterDuke i'd say now is a good time. two weeks before a release, Blin is giving a clean report... 19:39
lizmat I could do the NQP / Rakudo bumping if nobody beats me to it 19:40
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bartolin lizmat: I've noticed failing tests on the JVM backend (S09-typed-arrays/native-int.t, S09-typed-arrays/native-shape1-int.t and the num and str variants). The problem seems to be (again) the use of native arrays introduced with The failure mode is the same as described in -- 'my num @res' comes out as VMArrayInstance instead of VMArrayInstance_n. 20:49
lizmat: Since I don't know how to fix the underlying problem, I'm considering to leave out the candidates like 'multi sub postcircumfix:<[ ]>(array::numarray \SELF, Iterable:D $pos) is raw { }' on the JVM backend. (Putting them into '#?if !jvm ... #?endif) 20:52
lizmat: (but I've seen that you did more work in that area earlier today. I didn't have time to look closer, but probably the new candidates won't work either.) Do you have an idea what could be the least ugly way to work around this problem? 20:56
on a different note: on FreeBSD with MoarVM t/spec/integration/advent2012-day21.t seems to hang. It was still passing on master on 2020-12-01 (don't have the exact commit unfortunately). Has anyone else seen this in the last days? 21:02
MasterDuke bartolin: that was just fixed, i think yesterday 21:04
oh, hm. maybe not 21:05
nope, was fixed
bartolin oh, great. (my last build was from Friday evening)
I probably missed the issue and the fix. Thanks for confirming! 21:07
MasterDuke np
jnthn nwc10: Well, there's the one comment that I couldn't figure out what was trying to tell me, which may want to be dropped or tweaked, but yes. 21:29
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lizmat bartolin: just exclude these candidates on the JVM backend for now: they're all for performance 22:38
bartolin: I will make sure they will be excluded on the jvm backend 22:39
MasterDuke has anyone else looked at the output of running scan-build (the clang static analyzer)? 23:59