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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 08:19
timotimo good good 08:26
MasterDuke i rebased my gmp branch up to master, taking into account nwc10++'s recent MVM_bigint_div_num work 08:55
is it expected that the time to insert large integer ranges will be non-linear as the range grows? e.g., `my Int %h; %h{$_}++ for ^1_000_000; say now - INIT now; say %h.elems;` takes 2.5s, but doing 10m takes 83s. fwiw, most of the cpu time is spent in MVMHash_gc_mark 09:06
nwc10: ^^^ 09:07
nwc10 er, I don't know offhand, and I'm currently in the middle of $ork
MasterDuke heh, i don't think very many lives are threatened, it can probably wait 09:08
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nine MasterDuke: I don't think it's surprising that GC time goes up with the number of living objects 09:40
MasterDuke i'm not surprised that it goes up, just by the apparent shape of the curve 09:41
just assigning 1 instead of ++ is much much faster, but gc takes up a larger proportion. ~65% instead of ~40% 09:45
timotimo if only we could re-use an existing Int object for the 1 ... some kind of "int cache" maybe? ;) 09:51
MasterDuke well, assigning $_ is still faster than ++. for 4m entries, i get 2.5s for 1, 3.2s for $_, and 5.7s for ++ 09:54
nine Well MVMHash_gc_mark is definitely a candidate for an unsafe but fast hash iterator 09:55
timotimo last i looked at that, i think our safe hash iterators are already fastest we can go? 09:56
nine Indeed. Must have confused it with something else 09:57
MasterDuke MVMHash_gc_mark uses pretty much only *_nocheck functions in the loop 10:00
jnthn Generational GC is rather less helpful when you just have one enormous object that you're constantly mutating, I guess 10:18
The hash can't be broken up across generations - it's one object - so we're forced to mark all of it every time 10:19
nwc10 if one really wanted to go crazy and break encapsulation... 10:22
nine Don't you dare go there! 10:23
nwc10 the underlying hash storage is now a linear array of key, value pointer pairs
MVMString *; MVMObject *;
currnetly it doesn't NULL them out when moving things around
jnthn Can we trust them to be either NULL or junk?
nwc10 but if it did, one could hack the GC to just take the entire array
no, not currently. I think it doesn't memset() them on allocation 10:24
jnthn ok
nwc10 but one knows the count of items in the hash. If it's greater than some fraction
jnthn Maybe worth an experiment. Also would probably impact ont he concurrency thing
nwc10 then the entire array *might* be faster
jnthn e.g. if there's no dangling pointers 10:25
nwc10 I think that NULL might be needed for the concurrency thing
but also what would help there
jnthn Yeah. Though I guess you need it at a safepoint
nwc10 is there's enough space in the hash header to put a flag byte in for "this is now stale"
jnthn byte or bit?
nine Even going through a sparse array is very cache friendly and certainly faster than copying those values into a worklist first 10:26
nwc10 zero that on allocation. set it non-zero in the (future) code that puts the current block onto the free-at-safebpoint
jnthn Aha
nwc10 and then check it "where it matters" (this part still currently an excercise for the reader)
jnthn Ah, it's about the cache block as a whole, not each entry
nwc10 yes. it's industrial scale 10:27
(If I can count, there are 2 bytes free in the control structure)
nine jnthn: this might interest you: getting rid of the huge wrapper frames with lexical symbols in dynamic compilation cuts off about 10 % of setting compilation time. Maybe even more with a good implementation. 10:30
MasterDuke nice 10:32
nine Unfortunately working on this led me to discover Nine's first lemma: "for every Raku problem there's a 99 % solution". Seems to be the theme for this year 10:33
jnthn nine: How did you deal with the lookup of symbols? 10:36
Scan for which are needed? 10:37
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nine exactly 10:44
Which is much faster than expected (or the huge frame is even slower than I thought possible) and works so well. Except for BEGIN EVAL and symbolic lookups...
jnthn Yup 10:45
This and many other things are why I wanted some kind of way to write a lexical lookup fallback handler in HLL code 10:46
nine So my new plan is to switch compilation mode of the dynamically compiled frame and every nested compilation so instead of the usual lexical lookup ops it generates ones that support a fallback with a resolver object (which can cache the results)
jnthn I guess it can generate the standard op for ones that it resolves as not external? 10:47
.oO( This would be easier with RakuAST... )
nine Yes it can. And it shouldn't be hard, since we resolve the lexicals in QASTCompilerMAST anyway and only need to create the fallback op if we fail to resolve 10:49
But even the failed first attempt showed some interesting things: e.g. that we're running those frames without an outer context at all, not even a setting 10:54
jnthn Yes, no setting needed as all setting symbols were shoved into the fake pad 10:55
This is one of the wins I was planning on getting as part of RakuAST, but if master beats me to it, well, folks get it sooner ) 10:57
The other win I'm aiming at in this space is interpreting role bodies rather than compiling them
Which'd save every role an entire pass through the compilation pipeline (they get two at the moment) 10:58
Uh, every role that doesn't do weird enough stuff in its body :)
Which must be 99%+ of them
nine The frame has interesting side effects:
m: BEGIN my $certainly-not-core = 1; CORE::<$certainly-not-core>.say 10:59
camelia Nil
nine m: BEGIN my $certainly-not-core = 1; BEGIN CORE::<$certainly-not-core>.say
camelia 1
nine The largest dynamically compiled frame I came across was some 20K QAST nodes. My guess it's the Blob role 11:00
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nine jnthn: yesterday I poked a bit at those "Corrupt multi dispatch cache" errors. Does this make sense to you? 11:05
MasterDuke ooo!!! think i have moar build and linking against our libgmp.a!
nine It doesn't solve the reported issue but the error message does change so I figure we actually have 2 bugs there
MasterDuke: oh, exciting!
jnthn nine: Hm, is the problem that the content of a Scalar container can change between the two checks? 11:11
And this is trying to avoid that? 11:12
nine That's my working hypothesis now
jnthn Yeah, that sounds like something that could happen
And could explain why cas is vulnerable 11:13
Well, more likely to trigger it, at least
nine My commit just changes the search logic in multi_cache_add to match that of multi_cache_find. The cur_node != 0, re-check == 0 made me belive that multi_cache_add was considering candidates that multi_cache_find threw out
The second issue is probably the changing containers (probably from undefined to defined). But I haven't been able to trigger the bug at all so far. 11:14
jnthn Maybe the fix is to deref all container arguments before we start
nine Not even by adding a uv_sleep to multi_cache_add after taking the lock
.oO( Another bug in code I'm trying to get rid of... :) )
nine Yeah, I don't know why those are the ones that pique my interest :) 11:16
jnthn Because you know what a long haul the stuff I'm doing is :)
nine Could be. And for that kind of work it's just better if there's no immediate pressure 11:17
MasterDuke ugh. i can get it to build by doing a standard build and then when the linking fails edit some flags and building gmp and linking works. but if i make realclean and build with the new settings i now get these relocation errors elsewhere 11:19
ah ha! spoke too soon, looking good now 11:22
jnthn MasterDuke++ 11:37
nine: Yeah, that's certainly welcome
MasterDuke ok, one or two of the intermediate commits might still need some polishing, but if people wouldn't mind taking a 11:40
that builds everything ok and passes all tests (except for the one that doesn't die because gmp supports creating bigger numbers than tommath) 11:41
Altai-man releasable6, status 12:18
releasable6 Altai-man, Next release in ≈4 days and ≈6 hours. 2 blockers. 0 out of 136 commits logged
Altai-man, Details:
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dogbert11 nine: would temporarily reverting d18d6e9a3580 help your multicache investigation? 12:30
linkable6 (2020-02-20) Change cas to nqp::cas in Lock::Async.lock
nine I already did that locally, but still cannot reproduce anything
dogbert11 I seem to remember that it failed quite often before that fix 12:31
dogbert11 tries
lizmat to join the fun, ash is reporting issues with the generation of the site 12:33
the symptom: CREATE_RATIONAL_FROM_INTS not getting enough positional params from DIVIDE_NUMBERS 12:34
adding debug code makes the problem go away at many levels
*adding the debug code
if you look at the code, there is *no* way that DVIDE_NUMBERS can pass not enough params to CREATE_RATIONAL_FROM_INTS 12:35
unless it didn't get enough positionals itself: but when didn't it bomb then ? 12:36
dogbert11 hmm, now I get 'No such method 'keep' for invocant of type 'Mu'' instead of the panic 12:46
Geth MoarVM: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #1402:
Switch from tommath to gmp
nine I can reproduce!
MasterDuke oh?
nine The uv_sleep(50) has the desired effect on t/spec/S17-promise/lock-async-stress2.t
dogbert11 yay 12:48
nine uv_sleep(50); in src/6model/reprs/MVMMultiCache.c:212 right after the goto DONE;
MasterDuke is this on your try_fix_multi_cache_add branch? 12:53
nine yes 12:54
Gotcha! now in rr 12:58
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nine jnthn: regarding multi_cache_add I wonder if a solution for the changing arguments could be as simple as not MVM_panicing when we discover a matching entry during the search for the tree node to extend but instead goto DONE like with the previous MVM_multi_cache_find. 13:55
In fact in that case we could skip the MVM_multi_cache_find altogether as our own search is exactly the same with just a very few more variables getting set, so practically no additional cost. 13:56
jnthn nine: Maybe, yes; of course it will hide bugs
But iirc it's a sanity check
nine It's a sanity check, but in this case it doesn't actually discover cache corruption
jnthn Yes
nine Instead the facts changed on us during the search and there is now an eligible entry which we may as well use 13:57
jnthn I believe it hasn't uncovered any real corruption for years now
nine That leaves the case where the facts change in a way that an entry no longer matches after we added it. But that's as much of a problem now
jnthn And the code is a dead end, so it's not like the sanity check is going to help us in the future 13:58
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MasterDuke tobs: do you know anything about building moarvm for windows? is nearly good to go, but i don't know how to get gmp to build on windows 14:53
[Coke] I can *test* things on windows but probably not create build steps for windows 14:54
Geth MoarVM/try_fix_multi_cache_add: 8f4f53f813 | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/6model/reprs/MVMMultiCache.c
Fix bogus "Corrupt multi dispatch cache" panic when arguments change

Before we can add a candidate to the multi dispatch cache, we need to find the right node of the tree to extend. During this it could happen that we discover a perfectly matching candidate, despite not finding one previously. This may be because an argument is a container and the container's value gets changed by another thread. In this case, we may as well take the existing entry and call ... (9 more lines)
MoarVM/try_fix_multi_cache_add: 92a4c537de | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/6model/reprs/MVMMultiCache.c
Fix a compiler warning regarding wrong integer size in debug message
MoarVM: niner++ created pull request #1403:
Fix "Corrupt multi dispatch cache" panic in concurrent code
nine jnthn: that's what we discussed ^^^ 15:12
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lizmat could someone explain what one needs to do to get to fire ? 18:21
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nwc10 because I ran out of linux systems: 20:09
nick@gcc119:[/home/nick/Perl/MoarVM]./moar --version
This is MoarVM version 2020.11-85-g82a34e2
nick@gcc119:[/home/nick/Perl/MoarVM]uname -a
AIX power8-aix 2 7 00F9C1964C00
that took less time than ccache
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nwc10 oh well, doesn't work once it's installed. I don't feel like trying to figure out AIX dyamic linking (or search paths) so let's try a static build. 20:17
leont Dynamic linking on AIX is special 20:24
Tux is the expert, if you need one
nwc10 I've dealt with building the export map files at times, and the Perl 5 bootstrap order, but I forget the details 20:25
and it seems that samcv was on AIX before me, as there is AIX code in
leont Yeah, the export map files are annoying
nwc10 but it might be assuming xlc
leont Good chance that gcc can do something more sensible, much like how it can on Windows 20:26
nwc10 I decided that I'd fight AIX only first (ie gcc) then see what xlc made of it
leont Much like AIX xlc is as IBM as it gets: sure it satisfies the standards to the details, but it does something surprising whenever the standard allows for it -_- 20:27
nwc10 indeed. Fotango found this (before I even joined) - IIRC it choses different behaviour from *everything* else when encountering redefined macros 20:29
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nwc10 pants. libmoar.a doesn't actually have any of libuv etc. 20:34
so either I have to fix the static build (generally)
or fix dynamic linking on AIX 20:35
or I give up and hide in bed
[Coke] One of my first unixy systems was AIX (and xenix) 20:38
Was nifty at the time. Do not miss.
(back in the perl 4 days) 20:44
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