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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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moon-child cog: you mean like nested functions? Those aren't a good idea anywhere 00:48
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cog Yea, nested functions. 01:16
moon-child those require an executable stack to generate 'closure' thunks. Not pretty. I wouldn't use them under any circumstances 01:18
cog Anyway, I find they are not standard, which answer my question 01:28
* answers
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nwc10 Happy new *, #moarvm 08:24
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nine Happy ++$!year 09:14
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Geth MoarVM: JJ++ created pull request #1415:
Helps build from scratch
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lizmat Happy New Year to all the MoarVM folk! 12:06
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Geth MoarVM: aa3f015b49 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.markdown
Helps build from scratch

After trying to build it, I realized that `make` does not copy to `prefix/bin`, so that's included. Also, this might be unnecessary, but it would be good to clarify that it's not a prefix for the executable, but for everything. Also, not totally clear make install is actually working. Working on it right now.
MoarVM: f36eaf0a68 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.markdown
Merge pull request #1415 from JJ/patch-1

Helps build from scratch
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nine Trying to make it through make test with --asan is a lot lot harder than expected. 17:48
To get through anything without asan complaining (rightfully), one needs to run with --full-cleanup. But that currently results in aborts if any background threads are running (e.g. the ThreadPoolScheduler is used) as we don't clean them up. 17:49
The abort comes from uv_mutex_destroy which gets an error from pthread_mutex_destroy because destroying a mutex that's currently in use as a condition variable is not allowed. 17:50
nwc10 I'd been consistently running with ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0 17:51
and decided that "fix the leaks" was a task for the future
I hadn't even realised that there was the problem you described
nine But I'd actually like it to find leaks :) See the asan_fixes branch I pushed yesterday. That's 2 actual memory leaks fixed
nwc10 I had assumed that some of the leaks I saw was because the spesh thread didn't get to stop and tidy up. (I might be wrong on this guess. I did not look hard) 17:52
nine With those and the 3 --full-cleanup fixed it contains I get through the rakudo build and far enough to even run make test, which crashes and burns
nwc10 I'd been looking for user-after-free and similar errors. leaks were for later.
nine Yes, a lot of the reports are simply because of the spesh thread
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nine The leak in MVM_unicode_name_to_property_code is as straight forward as they come 17:53
Oh, ab training starts
Anyway I have made some progress on cleaning up those threads. Just wonder what jnthn will say to that. 17:59
jnthn nine: So far as cleanup goes: with --full-cleanup, sure, do all we can, aim to leak nothing. For normal exit, just let the OS do it, since it's gotta do the work anyway 18:19
If we want an env var for full cleanup too, or to enable it by default when we configure with --asan, that's fine by me also.
So far as mutexes and so on go, the only general solution I know of is to not use OS-provided ones for actual locking. Instead, as the JVM does, just provide a way for a thread to put itself to sleep ("park") and for another thread to awaken it later. Then implement locks in userspace. No prizes for guessing why I've not hurried to do this. :) 18:28
The thread pool scheduler is just one way we can come upon a mutex / cond var. So far as I know, it's not just a mutex waiting on a cond var, it's a mutex that's locked at all. 18:29
(That causes the abort if you try to destroy it)
Adding some kind of "shutdown" functionality to the TPS may be workable, and could be useful by itself, but I expect it would come with a long list of caveats 18:31
nine jnthn: so far I've added a flag to ConcBlockingQueue set by MVM_vm_destroy_instance. The queue's shift impl checks this flag and returns VMNull if set. That can be checked in TPS by a cheap while !nqp::isnull(my \task = nqp::shift($queue)) 18:35
That shift impl also set the new blocking_queue field in ThreadContext (I assume a thread can only block on one queue at a time), so MVM_vm_destroy_instance can signal those mutexes for the background threads 18:37
So far the total expense for the non-full-cleanup case is that nqp::isnull, a check of the ended flag, setting that blocking_queue field and one more branch in ConcBlockingQueue's shift. I think that's reasonable. 18:38
jnthn Hm, the flag makes every ConcBlockingQueue a bit bigger, though. Could this not have been done by pushing a sentinel value into the queue? 18:39
nine What I don't know yet is how to signal the supervisor thread. That one just sleeps
jnthn (Which would well be a `null`)
nine: Just wait for it to wake up and also check some "shutting down" flag in the TPS and exit if it's set? 18:40
nine I'd need to push a VMNull for every thread listening on the queue
jnthn We know how many there are, though. Or, whenever anything sees a null it just sends another one to replace what it consumes, and exits.
nine The difficulty is in setting that flag from low level code in the VM. 18:41
But maybe the flag can be set by an exiting worker thread instead 18:42
jnthn Oh, I was figuring that it'd be the high level code coordinating
Though that maybe gets interesting too. Hm. 18:43
nine HLL code doesn't know whether we want full cleanup or not
jnthn Hm, true 18:44
nine That's only signified by the main program calling MVM_vm_destroy_instance vs. MVM_vm_exit
jnthn The more I think about it, the more attrative the JVM approach gets :P
(I think at some level I've long realized it's the better way to solve this, it's just a bit argggh to do) 18:45
nine It's almost as if the JVM developers knew a thing about their field... 19:01
mst jnthn: "I know this is what I'm going to want eventually but I'mma keep putting it off" is totally a thing :D 19:02
jnthn If I'm *really* lucky I'll put it off so long that somebody else gets tired of waiting for it :) 19:06
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nine Nevertheless I'm gonna continue on the current course tomorrow. Worst case it ends up as a branch helpful to people running ASAN. 19:41
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Geth MoarVM: patrickbkr++ created pull request #1416:
Switch spawnprocasync to use a separate arg for the program name
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