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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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tellable6 2021-01-19T23:27:21Z #moarvm <jnthn> MasterDuke Sorry, was afk/distracted for quite a while. Yes, sounds reasonable.
MasterDuke jnthn: no worries, i'd gone ahead with doing that 08:53
hm. in stat.c i added `case MVM_SPESH_LOG_DEOPT: { if (e->deopt.spesh_cand->body.deopt_count++ > 100) MVM_repr_push_o(tc, sf_updated, (MVMObject *)e->entry.sf); break; }`. but in plan.c where it's looping over the updated_static_frames, i won't have the spesh candidate 09:01
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jnthn MasterDuke: No, but you can walk over the candidates to see which of them are over the limit? 10:03
e.g. for each frame, look at its candidates and see if any are good for removal?
MasterDuke oh, right. they all are attached to the static frame
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nine geth down? 11:22
Fix size calculation of VMArray's (read|write)_buf when elem_size > 1
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travis-ci MoarVM build passed. Stefan Seifert 'Fix size calculation of VMArray's (read|write)_buf when elem_size > 1 11:59
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MasterDuke heh. in worker.c `/* Implement the plan and then discard it. */ <...> for (i = 0; i < n; i++) { MVM_spesh_candidate_add(tc, &(tc->instance->spesh_plan->planned[i])); GC_SYNC_POINT(tc); }` that's the opposite of what i want to do! 12:46
jnthn Yup, prior to now plans only specified things to add :) 12:48
nine the plan giveth, the plan taketh away... 13:25
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MasterDuke this is a new one: `MoarVM panic: Spesh arg guard: expected 1 candidate but got 2` 14:58
jnthn With luck, an internal sanity check that will save some even more tedious debugging... 15:15
The arg guard is much less terrifying than it used to be
I used to try and tweak it in place
Once I got to doing derived specialations I realized I wasn't smart enough to implement that, and just regenerated it from the candidates. 15:16
Well, it wasn't exactly in place, but it was "a cheap memcpy and then update the copy"
MasterDuke i sort of remember you making that change. of course i have no idea why that's happening. the code calling regenerate hasn't really had any change to the number of candidates called with at that point (i think) 15:18
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