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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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MasterDuke jnthn: immediately after this line here i added `plan_for_deopt(tc, plan, (MVMStaticFrame *)sf);`, where plan_for_deopt looks through the static frame for any candidate with a num_deopts > 100 and if it finds one, calls add_planned. would it be a problem if the same sf is added to 10:45
the plan by both plan_for_sf and plan_for_deopt?
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jnthn I don't think so, in so far as I think we already can plan multiple things for a single sf anyway 11:00
MasterDuke ok, good, that keeps thing simpler. (though now i have to come up with another theory of what's going wrong) 11:02
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MasterDuke this seems to be a logic error, because gc_debug, etc don't change anything. has the current diff (this is after MVMSpeshCandidate has been converted to a repr). the logic is now that deopt.c logs every time a frame is deopted, stats.c increments the counter in the spesh 12:41
candidate, plan.c add a new planned kind to the spesh plan if an updated static frame has a spesh candidate with a count > 100, worker.c calls the new MVM_spesh_candidate_discard_one if it sees the new planned kind
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MasterDuke and i'm getting `MoarVM panic: Spesh arg guard: expected 1 candidate but got 2` from the MVM_spesh_arg_guard_regenerate call in MVM_spesh_candidate_add (which i haven't changed any logic of, except to use the new layer of indirection between the spesh body and the candidate list + arg guards 12:45
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jnthn Do you only get it if you discard a candidate? 13:21
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MasterDuke jnthn: not sure exactly what you mean, but i get the same error if i stick a `return` right at the top of MVM_spesh_candidate_discard_one 13:25
jnthn OK, what's the minimal addition that causes it? Adding to the plan, for example? 13:26
Hmm, perhaps the error could occur if you have non-unique entries in sf_updated
Make sure that isn't happening also 13:27
Meeting, bbiab
MasterDuke hm, same error if i comment out the call to add_planned in plan_for_deopt
oh, you don't mean just non-unique frames, but frame+candidate? 13:28
because yeah, there are duplicated static frames 13:32
so i should be doing something different here? 13:36
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MasterDuke changing that if + increment + push to just the increment gets a lot farther 14:05
now there's a segfault much later, with an unhelpful backtrace 14:06
in MVM_string_check_arg, 0xEDF6 is not within a mapped region. in 2021 you'd have think we've mapped everywhere... 14:11
well, there was a PEBKAC. i was incrementing the spesh candidate's deopt_count, but adding it to the plan if it's num_deopt was > 100 14:23
fixing that gets further into the nqp build, but now there's another segfault with a different unhelpful backtrace... 14:24
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MasterDuke set GC_DEBUG = 3, now the old friend "Invalid owner in item added to GC worklist" 14:54
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MasterDuke ugh, set a watchpoint on frame->work[i].o in rr, but nothing is jumping out at me when i reverse-cont back to the start 20:52
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