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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine Ah repossession! Ye olde nemesis. Looks like the module loading segfaults in our Inline::Perl5+Cro application are due to NativeCall sites getting repossessed after being in use already. This leads to jitcode getting freed and recreated which somehow leads to jumps into memory areas filled with zeroes 09:54
Ok, now I understand what's going on. We deserialize a native call site. Then we call the function which triggers the actual setup, i.e. resolving the library name, loading the library, generating caller code. We run the function often enough that spesh decides its worth its time. 10:23
While spesh is working however, we load the module again (perhaps as a dependency of some other module), thus we deserialize again and as part of the repossession process clear the native call site's body. I.e. body->entry_point is NULL. 10:24
Only after we did so is spesh far enough to run JIT compilation, which generates code for jumping to entry_point. Which at this point is NULL.
jnthn Ugh. That's not nice. 10:26
Wait, why do we load the module *again*? 10:28
That's not supposed to happen
nine It's a dependency of multiple modules we use 10:29
jnthn Yes, but given a module A, and both B and C `use A`, and then we have `use B; use C;`, we shoudl still only load A once 10:30
nine I was a bit sloppy. It's not the module that's loaded again, but we do repossess
jnthn Ah, we repossess it in two different modules?
nine yes
jnthn Hm, I thought we tended to report conflicts in that situation except for stashes, which we have logic to unify 10:31
Did that get extended to cover more cases?
nine no, that's still the case 10:35
jnthn Hm, so we segfault before we get around to reporting the conflict? 10:40
lizmat in related news, someone came up with an easy way to segfault rakudo: 10:41
for (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) -> $n { (say $n for ^5000) xx 2 }
evalable6 (signal SIGSEGV) 1
nine I don't think there are conflicts.
I can work around the segfault by aborting JIT compilation and everything turns out fine
lizmat well, related in that it also segfaults :-)
jnthn Ah, so perhaps only one module does a repossession, and the thing we trip over is the JIT of the original non-repossessed one, perhaps? 10:43
nine probably
So, what to do about this? 10:45
jnthn Is there any need for the repossession to happen? 10:48
As in, does the downstream module add anything important, or is it just because we happen to trigger setup work on the nativecall?
nine it's just the setup
jnthn OK, then mark the object never repossessed or do the thing to disable repossession while we run the setup, maybe? 10:49
nine The NativeCall site's body will end up exactly the same (except for the needless recompilation of the JIT code)
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timotimo lizmat: could it be memory exhaustion? 12:13
MasterDuke timotimo: don't think so, the segv happens almost instantly for me 12:16
timotimo fascinating. can you post a gist with backtraces? i'm a bit distracted by workwork, though
MasterDuke 101804maxresident 12:17
timotimo can you try tossing the "say" and friends for something that doesn't do any outputting? 12:18
nine getlex segfaults because a frame's outer is NULL 12:20
MasterDuke same segv if if change `say $n` to `$n + 1`
timotimo why would it do such a thing
El_Che any feedback on this UI for dev testing rakudo/moarvm/nqp on the same distors rakudo-pkg is built? 12:24
the defaults are set to latest release
version can be a connit if preceded by @ 12:25
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El_Che moarvm has is --debug --optiniz=0 as default 12:25
MasterDuke non-substantial comment, but weird spacing between words 12:26
El_Che yeah, weird 12:27
MasterDuke for dev testing, defaulting to HEAD is probably more useful
El_Che it's to slow to be the CI, but sure 12:28
I guess it takes around 10-15m to do 25 distros/versions
MasterDuke bisectable6: my $n := 1; ($n + 1 for ^17000) xx 20 12:32
bisectable6 MasterDuke, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
MasterDuke, More than 4 changes to bisect, please try a narrower range like old=2020.02.1 new=HEAD
MasterDuke, Output on all releases:
MasterDuke bisectable6: my $n = 1; say (($n + 1 for ^17000) xx 20).elems 12:35
bisectable6 MasterDuke, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
MasterDuke, Output on all releases: 12:36
MasterDuke, Bisecting by exit signal (old=2017.07 new=2017.08). Old exit signal: 0 (None)
MasterDuke, bisect log:
MasterDuke, (2017-08-11)
MasterDuke, Output on all releases and bisected commits:
MasterDuke some of the moarvm commit messages in that bump look relevant 12:38
jnthn Wasn't there another bug report about that bit of code to the effect that it gets code-gen'd incorrectly? 13:00
(e.g. it gets lexical lookups wrong, probably due to spitting out mis-nested code) 13:01
I suspect the two are rather related
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MasterDuke i don't recall anything about that code getting genned incorrectly. oh, you mean ? 13:07
jnthn Yes 13:09
That'll be caused my mis-nesting of lexical scopes in the generated code
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jnthn And that in turn likely leads to confusion later on during optimization that leads to the SEGV 13:11
Ideally MoarVM can spot that and refuse the inline/optimization
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MasterDuke error/panic or just quietly not do the opt? 13:12
jnthn Preferably the latter
In the best case it can be detected at the "can we inline this" point 13:13
MasterDuke oh, no segv with raku flag `--optimize=off` (but does with `--optimize=0`) 13:15
jnthn As for the code-gen issue, it depends if anybody is motivated to fix it in the current compiler frontend, or we just wait for the RakuAST-based one
Which takes a completely different approach to the whole issue 13:16
And so in principle will avoid the fragilities that have given us these kinds of bugs
nine How far is that away? 13:27
nwc10 I wasn't going to ask, but I assumed "after new-disp" 13:28
jnthn After new-disp for sure, in part because if new-disp doesn't come first, I have to do throw-away work in rakuast 13:29
nwc10 before SLS launches? :-) 13:31
jnthn As for how far away: a bit hard to predict. It's the first time we're trying to do a compiler frontend replacement in over 10 years, and the situation is entirely different between then and now. 13:32
MasterDuke interesting, --optimize=off stops the segv, but not the miss-printing 13:33
jnthn I'd be disappointed if we weren't running it as the production frontend come the end of 2021. If we are in less than 6 months from now, I'd consider that good. 13:34
We have pretty high standards on non-regression
nine So, not that far off at all :) 13:35
jnthn A lot will depend on how much enthusiasm there is for it beyond mine. :) I mean, when we did the GLR, it got to a point where quite a few folks were going through failing spectests and figuring them out. 13:36
nwc10 I remember 8 people around a flipchart for the GLR
jnthn There's also a huge unknown around how far we want to go with revisiting precompilation to try and resolve some of the deeper issues there. 13:37
nwc10 (this was not the "fixing spectests" stage)
nine Oh the enthusiasm is there, at least with me. It's just that there seems to be an endless supply of bugs that find me...
jnthn nine: I figure you know the current state of precomp best, and have a good handle on a bunch of the issues that are solved in an unideal way or aren't easily solved at all... I'd like to try and draw on that at some point, to see what can be done. 13:40
nine sure :)
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nine That will recover some of the time cost sunk into in-process-precompilation 13:41
MasterDuke enthusiasm - yes, ability to just jump in and help - suspect. i also keep getting into projects that take a long time and still aren't finished (e.g., gmp, removing spesh candidates, fsa for vmarray) 13:42
jnthn nine: Did you end up deeming it impossible at all, or out of reach with the current compiler architecture? 13:44
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nine jnthn: I still think it's possible but I was fighting the architecture every step of the way. Biggest issue is the stash hierarchy which as it is totally relies on repossession. 13:59
jnthn Sigh, yes, the moment one steps away from lexical scoping and has to deal with global stuff, life gets awkward. 14:03
nine In the end I got stuck in a "fix it in one place, break another" loop. I gave up because it wasn't clear that I would ever get it to work fully and a lot of things fell by the wayside during the time I spent on it. 14:05
Not to mention that I was simply exhausted...
dogbert2 the commit which introduced the SEGV is 14:09
nine Ha! That's the one I guessed :) 14:10
MasterDuke and is where the segv happens 14:12
dogbert2 valgrind is a bit sceptical: 14:22
the printout is from commit c663342b485b244bc1092140245369afdc8b2b06 so the line numbers do not match with how the code looks today 14:27
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[Coke] dogbert2: how old is that based on "Rakudo Perl 6" in the tool output? (looks like current version just says Rakudo) 15:47
(tried to find that commit ID in rakudo, don't see it) 15:48
jnthn [Coke]: It's from a bissected commit from 2017, so quite old :) 16:00
[Coke] O_o; 16:14
nine Darn....marking NativeCall repr based types as MVM_NEVER_REPOSSESS_TYPE doesn't help, because the objects are flattened into the P6opaques holding the Routine 16:37
And no amount of nqp::neverrepossess or nqp::scwbdisable seems to change anything 16:59
Ah, of course. The solution is just to run it in rr, then it works just fine 17:17
patrickb lol 17:21
nine rr record -c 10 helps, but of course is slooooow
.oO( running co-rr-ectly )
jnthn nine: MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING=1 may encourage it to happen under rr 17:30
nine Well if anything, the months working on in-process-precompilation got me to write MVM_dump_string(tc, string) which makes looking at MVMStrings in gdb so much nicer :) 17:48
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nine Aaaah....the repossession happens in dependencies+deserialize 18:02
Finally progress! 18:08
Adding scwbdisable to the fixup code prevented the repossession 18:09
El_Che .tell MasterDuke This more like it for knobs and switches? 18:36
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to MasterDuke
El_Che .tell MasterDuke What's filled in are defaults 18:40
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to MasterDuke
nine Of course scwbdisable breaks Cro... 18:47
nqp::neverrepossess with nqp::scwbdisable in the deserialize code fares better :) 18:58
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MasterDuke just created 20:46
tellable6 2021-02-03T18:36:19Z #moarvm <El_Che> MasterDuke This more like it for knobs and switches?
2021-02-03T18:40:23Z #moarvm <El_Che> MasterDuke What's filled in are defaults
MasterDuke El_Che: nice, but i'm not sure what the '(HEAD, $tag, $commit)' means. also, you have that text after the 'Rakudo version' field, but after the '* configure command' for MoarVM and NQP 20:50
El_Che MasterDuke: it means you can put there HEAD, a commit hash or a tag 20:51
yeah, bad label
MasterDuke oh, so it should go on the version fields of moarvm and nqp? 20:52
El_Che yes
MasterDuke that does make more sense, i was thrown off by seeing on the configure field for the first two
El_Che bad case of copy paste :) 20:54
This is the result of a run:
waiting for a segfault to archive the core file :) 20:55
ah, it looks like you can not see the logs if not owner
MasterDuke huh, i just see green 21:04
El_Che yeah, I can look into the tasks 21:05
wll, the idea is that a dev forks it and run the actions in his fork
so it's a non-issue
he can copy a link to the raw output
So, is there any thing else that someone would like to test while building rakudo? 21:07
with the file edit and the vars most situations seem covered 21:08
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El_Che ok, I think I know what causes #1424 and #1425 22:38
MasterDuke oh? 22:40
El_Che the kernel seccomp
why only one alpine:edge and fedora:rawhide I don't know (yet) , but running the containers with "--security-opt seccomp=unconfined" is a happy moarvm 22:41
now the containers passed the moarvm builds and are testing rakudo 22:42
so it would be great if someone who knows what weird systemcall the build process calls to have a look at this: 22:43
The weird bug of the day is brought to you by El_Che :) 22:44
MasterDuke i think there have been some changes in secomp recently, at least, i think i read something on in the past month or so 22:47
El_Che I would have expected that the VM would be impacted instead of the individuals VMs 22:48
I read individuals containers I mean
I read something about musl changes
no idea about rawhide
MasterDuke but it's an optimization, probably unrelated 22:49
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El_Che I am waiting my builds to finish to add the info to the tickets 22:51
should I close them or change the title?
MasterDuke i logged just `make -j12` and it has 370 calls to clone, only match with the list from that page 22:58
El_Che ok, the dists build fine now 22:59
just finished
MasterDuke: if you have info add it to 23:30