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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 07:56
MasterDuke i would love to know why all of a sudden none of my `if (spesh_cand->body.discarded) { ...}` are hitting... 08:12
ha, ugh. it's because `cand->body.discarded = 1;` was commented out in MVM_spesh_candidate_discard_one. damn this switching branches and vim reloading files 08:18
ok. now the print in MVM_frame_invoke happens. however, just to see what would happen i added a print if discarded in all the sp_fastinvoke_* ops in interp.c and they never hit 08:22
wow. if i run it normally, `if (spesh_cand && spesh_cand->body.discarded) { fprintf(stderr, "oops, discarded\n"); spesh_cand = NULL; }` is hit (because a later `if (spesh_cand->body.discarded) { ... }` isn't being hit), but that print never happens. if i run it in gdb the print does happen 08:27
and this takes 5s to run, could the prints really be buffered that long that they get discarded on exit? 08:29
still doesn't print if i change it to stdout 08:30
nine MasterDuke: you could add an fflush(stderr) after the fprintf(stderr) 08:40
MasterDuke nope, no prints 08:42
recompiling with --optimize=0 didn't change anything 08:45
however, then recompiled without the --optimize=0 and now the prints appear 08:47
removed the fflush, still appearing now 08:48
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MasterDuke assuming that was just some weird compiling/building mixup, now i'd like to figure out a way for the 688k deopts to be prevented 08:53
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jnthn I assume you ran without JIT, otherwise the things in interp.c won't happen 10:23
MasterDuke yeah. i get the 688k deopts either way, but running with MVM_JIT_DISABLE=1 now for ease of testing 10:24
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MasterDuke any suggestions? i can set the spesh_cand to NULL (either in interp.c or in frame.c), but that's not preventing the deopts 10:42
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MasterDuke i was curious about the consistent slowdown on my branch, here's what perf has to say for `MVM_JIT_DISABLE=1 MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING=1 raku -e 'my $r := "a" .. "za"; my @a = $r[^$r.elems]; say now - INIT now'` 19:42
and what do you know, MVM_spesh_arg_guard_run is called 637934 times more on my branch... 19:47
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MasterDuke hm, looks like a lot of the MVM_frame_invoke calls are from invoke_o, not sp_fastinvoke_o. those don't pass a spesh_cand, so it's got to look one up each time. but not sure why it's invoke_o... 22:24
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jnthn MasterDuke: Is there any evidence that it produces a new specialization after the other one is discarded? 22:48
invoke_o is the unoptimized path
I think in the static frame (or the static frame spesh data structure that hangs off it) there is also a number of times that we invoked it and did spesh logging for it; that count may need clearing for it to log and specialize again 22:49
MasterDuke in a spesh log i'm pretty sure i saw a specialization, then a removal, then another specialization, but let me confirm
jnthn OK 22:50
Not really at the keyboard at the moment, just wondering by...but probably will again a little later on too :) 22:51
MasterDuke yep. observed type specialization, removal because of too many deopts, observed type specialization 22:52
spesh_entries_recorded? 22:57
off to sleep, perchance to dream... 23:43
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