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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 jnthn: it seems the most obvious explanation - "I'm sure that there used to be more liquid in this bottle" 08:15
well, better phrased as "I'm sure that the level of the liquid in this bottle has gone down all by itself since I last looked" 09:09
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nwc10 Always goes down for me. Apparently it can go up: 09:14
MasterDuke i'm stumped (and sure it's something blindingly obvious i'm just overlooking). valgrind points to as being indirectly lost, but i'm freeing it here 09:33 09:34
nine_ Could it be an omission in full-cleanup? When is that free_at_safepoint handled anyway? 09:39
MasterDuke i don't think so, since the direct loss is here 09:43
and i guess 09:44
ha, does it even for -e '' 09:47
nine_ MasterDuke: I'd still try adding a MVM_gc_enter_from_allocator(instance->main_thread); or two before the call to MVM_gc_global_destruction 09:49
Just to be sure
MasterDuke nope 09:55
there is already one, i added two more 09:56
nine_ I notice that MVM_fixed_size_destroy does not do anything about the free list. Maybe try a MVM_fixed_size_safepoint at the start of MVM_fixed_size_destroy? 10:34
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nine f/win 10 11:43
MasterDuke oh! adding `MVM_fixed_size_safepoint(instance->main_thread, instance->fsa);` right before `MVM_fixed_size_destroy(instance->fsa);` has fixed the leak 11:55
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MasterDuke even with the larger/longer example 12:03
how has this not come up before?
but, now that the leak finding yak shave has concluded, now to try to figure out/fix the extra memory churn... 12:23
all from MVM_fixed_size_alloc_zeroed in allocate_frame, so must be either/both and 12:39
nine My guess is that the usual stuff we use the fixed size allocator for is small enough to fall into the bins that MVM_fixed_size_destroy takes care of. And all the large stuff get freed earlier than those spesh cands 12:52
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nine jnthn: I'm more and more sure that in the mis-spesh of is_type (leading to a NULL result of a decont) we already screw up during ssa creation. I'm stepping through rename_locals and it already believes that there's just one assigning node which is the one covered by the handler. It's ignoring the block before the handler area that initializes that register. 15:28
patrickb good *, o/ 15:41
nwc10: Did you notice my ping in ? 15:43
nine I wonder why we don't treat throwish instructions more like branches in spesh. If an instruction can throw and we have a handler, why is the handler's block not a successor of the throwish op's block? And why does BB 1 not dominate the handler even though we must pass through it to even get to a throwish op? 16:03
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cog_ notes that MVM_spesh_plan_gc_describe is defined but not called anywhere in MoarVM. Do I miss something ? 17:43
part of other *gc_describe* , probably an unfinished attempt to do stats on Spesh related things 17:46
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