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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine jnthn: disregard that bit about there being only one assigning node. I looked at the wrong register there. It does see both assigning nodes. But for phi creation it only considers the write after the throwy instruction. The phi node has 2 preds: the end of the handler area and the takehandlerresult node. 13:10
jnthn: at the end of the handler area the stack top for the register is the write after the throwy instruction. From the perspective of the takehandlerresult node the register's stack is even empty as we went straight from the entry node to the takehandlerresult node. 13:11
jnthn: We simply do not consider the control flow from the entry node (0) to the the initializer node (1) on to the throwy node (via 2, 3 and 4 to 5) and from there back to the entry node (0), takehandlerresult (8) and then to the phi (9): 13:15
MasterDuke nine: is this the sort of thing where a fix is going to end up closing a whole lot of seemingly unrelated issues? 13:51
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nine MasterDuke: well if I'm right then...yes, maybe? After all this definitely leads to a segfault due to a NULL coming out of a decont. I guess that's about as arbitrary as it gets :) 14:16
Funny: it's Sunday, I'm actually on vacation for a week and still I'm at the office for the first time in several weeks - to water my plants and dust off my speakers ;) 14:17
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nine MasterDuke: actually that's the reason why I'm so interested in this issue. We know that there are random seeming segfaults and this is the only bug we know about that could single handedly explain those 19:20
MasterDuke good point. and it took a random turn of events to even bring this to light 19:21
random example of oddly slow rakudo code (there's still a bug in rakudo around this example), i see the oddly high number of deopts, go down the path of enabling removing of optimizations, eventually do so, example isn't any faster and doesn't have any fewer deopts, figure out it's also a spesh stats problem with decont, change stat logging in 19:26
decont, get a segfault that shouldn't happen, work around the segfault, you investigate the actual source cause of the segfault...
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