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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:52
nine good Friday! 07:43
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sena_kun Any estimates if we squeeze the in before release? 13:45
jnthn releasable6: status 14:00
releasable6 jnthn, Next release in ≈1 day and ≈4 hours. 1 blocker. 23 out of 64 commits logged (⚠ 37 warnings)
jnthn, Details:
jnthn I...wouldn't, tbh
sena_kun Fair enough.
jnthn Well, maybe the original version of the PR, but even then I'm nervous.
A *lot* of things go through that code path 14:01
sena_kun Ok, let's not hurry then.
Guess it was too late for me to urge people to pay attention to the blocker ticket, but even these efforts are already very admirable, I guess. 14:02
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nine The current version of the PR is definitely not for merge. It's known to be broken and contains debug output. If we want to merge something that'd be $l.lock; $l.unlock; nqp::continuationinvoke($continuation, nqp::null()); 14:36
jnthn: FYI I cannot make any more progress on that PR without input. I'm absolutely baffled. If what I see is correct, the issue is simply that another thread does not see the change to the lexical, even though it's definitely read from memory again. I even tried it without spesh and with -O0 14:38
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nine sena_kun: it's pretty clear why t/spec/S17-procasync/kill.t flaps. It's the signal handler setup itself that's asynchronous (happens on the IO eventloop thread) and that we're not waiting for. 16:34
moritz is that a problem in the test or in the code that does the signal handler setup? 16:36
nine The test is innocent. There's just no way to write it correctly. It's a lack in our APIs at all layers 16:42
sena_kun One simple way is to just disable it then, another way is to make it retry so many times the chances of failing are really slim. 16:43
nine Of course we could also fix our APIs :D 16:47
sena_kun That's the third way, The Bravest One. :3 16:48
nine Though I'm still a little bit surprised. Setting up the signal handler happens on the event loop thread, ok. But the program also prints to STDOUT after setting up the handler. I thought that all our IO is async nowadays and would happen on the event loop thread. So how can the status message be out but the handler not yet registered? 16:50
To answer my own question: I'm simply wrong. That write to STDOUT is synchronous. 16:52
But if it weren't I'd actually have been right. Which points at a....rather dubious way to make the test stable. Simply add a await'/bin/true').start; after handler setup. This ensures that the handler setup has run before we print 'Started' to STDOUT 16:58
But this actually reveals another issue with the test: default { is $_, $signal, 'Output correct for Supply.merge on signals'; } doesn't always get run. The surprising part though is that when this test does get run, the whole test file fails because of a wrong test count. 16:59
MasterDuke nine++ troubleshooting the very tricky things 17:11
nine Oooooooh..... that's devious. With the signal handler in place at the time the parent sends the SIGINT the program simply ends normally in most cases instead of the signal handler printing the number of the signal and then exiting 17:18
So the test is wrong in that it doesn't insist on the child process exiting via signal handler. 17:19
And the test count reflects the wrong behaviour.
Yep, looks perfectly stable now 17:24
jnthn nine: Only async I/O is done on the async event loop thread. In principle there shouldn't be issues between setup of signal handlers and running of procs in so far as there is only one async event loop thread, we put things to do into an ordered queue, and so the handler setup would be processed ahead of any process spawning. 17:25
Unless libuv is more async than I think on the inside 17:26
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nine jnthn: that's how I worked around the problem. The test flaps because we cannot determine when the signal handler is ready. nqp::signal doesn't take an after-setup callback. 17:31
I worked around it by using the fact that there's only one event loop and when'/bin/true').start is done I can be sure that the signal handler is setup. But of course that's no long term solution 17:32
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nwc10 .tell brrt The jit docs seem to be very out of date - they mention MVM_JIT_LOG and MVM_JIT_BYTECODE_DIR which I figured out have been removed/replaced with MVM_JIT_DUMP_BYTECODE, and I can't find any docs for -- Where do I start? 19:17
tellable6 nwc10, I'll pass your message to brrt
nwc10 .tell brrt well, obvious step 0 is "make tea" but step 1 is where I'm stuck. 19:18
tellable6 nwc10, I'll pass your message to brrt 19:19
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nine nwc10: a possible step is asking questions here and adding answers to the docs 19:56
nwc10 OK, I seem to be going backwards. I think that this will (also) SEGV on master: 19:59
MVM_JIT_DEBUG=1 MVM_JIT_DUMP_BYTECODE=1 ./rakudo-m -Ilib t/02-rakudo/04-settingkeys-6c.t
*first* bug is that src/jit/compile.c needs something like this:
/* Logging for insight */
- if (MVM_jit_bytecode_dump_enabled(tc))
+ if (MVM_jit_bytecode_dump_enabled(tc) && code)
MVM_jit_dump_bytecode(tc, code);
but even if I fix that, I'm getting a SEGV further on, inside JITTed code - seems to be trying to read address 0x30 20:00
nine Doesn't seem to segfault here 20:05
on master/master/master
nwc10 I have 20:06
I've deleted all the intermediate builds and I'm starting from clean 20:08
restarting from clean
sena_kun Erm, I cannot restart the CI. :S 20:11
Can anyone restart please? 20:12
Also, if it succeeds it means spawnprocasync.t is a flapper and if not it means we have a release blocker.
nine nwc10: ah, NODELAY and BLOCKING do make a difference! Try: MVM_JIT_DEBUG=1 MVM_JIT_DUMP_BYTECODE=1 perl nqp/MoarVM/tools/ --nodelay -- ./rakudo-m -Ilib t/02-rakudo/04-settingkeys-6c.t 20:14
sena_kun: sorry, don't see any way to restart that build 20:15
sena_kun Hmm... I guess that's a time to rely on our azure configs then. 20:18
Changelog: 20:33
MasterDuke sena_kun++ 20:44
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jnthn sena_kun: I found the restart job button and pressed it :) 21:25
sena_kun jnthn, thank you very much!
Though either of the outcomes is not very reassuring. :S
MasterDuke i don't remember, can a string have different strand types? e.g., a strand of MVM_STRING_GRAPHEME_32 and a strand of MVM_STRING_GRAPHEME_ASCII 21:31
jnthn MasterDuke: Pretty sure it can 21:32
MasterDuke ok, thanks
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